Tick off your To-do list with Versofy in the month of March

Get going on your to-do list
Get going on your to-do list


We have earmarked March to be a month where we try and get more jobs going through our site. This will enable our suppliers to get more jobs and see the value that Versofy can offer them. In order to do this, we urge all the clients that have had jobs posted to please respond once suppliers have submitted their bids. They have all taken the time and effort to respond to your request and so we urge our clients to do the same, even if it is just recognition of the received bids.

Tick off your to-do list

In order to achieve this Versofy has decided to run a competition to help people start ticking off their to-do list. The thinking behind the campaign is that we all have those things in our lives that we have in the back of our mind that we need to get done. Whether it be fixing things around the house and garden, making changes to your business, personal goals or just things you have been meaning to try or start. Versofy can help source suppliers to complete the work.


It always comes down to not having the time in the day to get the jobs started and completed. Sourcing suppliers who are able to help you is a timely and frustrating process. This is where Versofy can help everyone. This month we recorded our fastest ever job response. A corporate gifting job was posted by a client and within 2 and a half minutes the client had received 5 responses from suppliers who were able to do the work. This is an example of how Versofy can really help our clients.


To enter the competition we are asking our users to send us their top 3 jobs on their to-do list and we will help start ticking them off. You can also stand a chance of winning R500. Send us your jobs to info@versofy.com or visit our Facebook page and comment on our To-do list video.

Some things to remember when creating a To-Do list.

Forbes wrote an interesting article about how entrepreneurs can use to-do lists to boost their productivity throughout the day. We thought we would share what we think is the single most important thing to remember.


Keep it manageable. Writing a to-do list can very easily run away with you and we end up writing a full A4 page of things that we have been meaning to get done since 2010. A good way to avoid this, and an obvious one, is to prioritize, but seriously prioritize. Stick to the rule that your to-list cannot have more than 3 items on it. Sometimes it’s even worth only having one thing per day. Focus all efforts on getting that single task done and then think of the next only once you have completed it. It’s about quality and not quantity.


Here is a list of the 7 best to-do list apps, according to The Guardian, that will help with getting a manageable list together.


Google Keep



Remember the Milk



Tick off your To-do list with Versofy in the month of March

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