Winter Jobs – 5 Jobs to do this winter around the house

Winter is fast approaching which means we’ll be spending a lot more time indoors. Get your home ready for the chilly days and longer nights. Check out these 5 winter jobs you can get done using Versofy this winter.

Top 5 Winter Jobs


Since you’re spending a lot of time inside during the winter, you may start to notice things about your home that you no longer love. Now is the perfect time to update spaces and change anything that feels worn or tired. This may just mean getting new bedding, rearranging furniture to change the way a space works, or bringing in a professional to help you do a major overhaul. Even if you don’t want to change everything, an interior designer can be an extra set of eyes that sees things you may not notice and help you make aesthetic decisions that will really increase your home’s wow factor.

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Clean Your Carpets

You should call in the professionals to steam clean your carpets every six months (and much more often than that if you have pets). Getting it done in the winter makes sense for a few reasons. You don’t want to wait for soil and stains to set in, which means any of those spills that happened during the holiday party needed to be cleaned ASAP. You also want to eliminate allergens now since carpets tend to stay cleaner during winter months (because the windows are usually shut). Finally, carpets dry faster in the winter thanks to lower humidity which means this is one of those perfect winter jobs.

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Clean up the rugs

Winterize your garden and home 

You could break out the ladders and gloves, root around in old wet leaves… or do yourself a favor and hire someone who specializes in gutters or garden refuse disposal to handle this arduous task for you. A professional will safely reach the roof, clear out the muck, and look for signs of wear and tear that might need repair. The last thing you want to hear is drip…..drip…..drip. Make sure your garden is also ready for the winter months, get those leaves cleared or trees trimmed before it’s too late.

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Clean up the first and last of the leaves

Tune up your heat source – and save money on heating bills.

Have a fireplace or heater? Get it ready for winter. Buildup in a fireplace is a serious fire hazard. Call in an expert to take care of black dust or residue.

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Make sure you cozy and warm this winter

Paint Your Walls or Add a Color Accent

Giving your walls a new look can really pack a lot of punch and it’s not as much work as you’d think. Painting a room can be done in a day and an accent wall may take even less time than that. Plus, because the colder months are so much dryer, the paint will actually dry much faster. Create visual interest by wallpapering just one wall or using painter’s tape to create patterns or stripes. Take a leaf out of our Versofy designers and go for an accent ceiling opposed to a wall. Think a bit out the box this winter and be bold in the cold.

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Be bold with some colours
Winter Jobs – 5 Jobs to do this winter around the house

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