Tips and Tools for Planning your Special Wedding Day

We all know how stressful and complicated the buildup to a wedding can be, the flowers and décor, the bachelors and bachelorette, the food, the booze, the DJ, the families. There is just so much to take into consideration when planning your special day and the last thing you want is to lose sight of what is really important and why you two decided to get hitched in the first place.

This is why we went and asked our Professional Wedding Planners on for some tips on how to go about planning your special day. We posed some general questions that one should take into consideration regarding, venue, time of year, food, décor, saving money etc. Take a look at what they had to say below.

Side note: We have put together an extensive spreadsheet for you to download to ensure you don’t forget anything during the planning process. Feel free to download it below and share it with your friends who are also tying the knot.

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  1.  What time of year would you recommend to get married in South Africa? 

    “My personal ideal time is either a fall wedding in April, the rains are normally over, the scenery is starting to turn to Autumn so has a “golden glow”. Or for a Spring wedding, the end of September as you then have all the new growth, the start of the new floral season, blossoms and this in general before the summer rain starts.” – Allison RobertsonSlightly Obsessed

    “Winter weddings get discounted rates.” – Rochelle SmutsPaper moon

  2. Number one tip to avoid becoming a bridezilla?

    “Please, take a deep breath. At the end of the day it will all come together. I deal with many brides who stress over the tiniest details and forget what the celebration is all about. ” – Rochelle Smuts Paper moon

    Weddings Bridezilla

  3. How long in advance should one start planning a wedding?

    “If possible give yourself a year, this gives you time to really enjoy the planning and buildup to the special day. The day goes by so quickly as a couple you really need to enjoy the engagement.” – Allison RobertsonSlightly Obsessed

  4. What should the groom’s role be in the whole planning process? 

    “I think he must be as involved as he can, we tend to forget but it is also his day. He needs to also be grounding for the bride as this is a completely over whelming process to plan so make it fun – make a date of doing your gift registry, take a day’s leave do all your food tastings and décor mock up and afterwards go on a date to the movies, for a cocktail or even just a night in at home.” – Allison Robertson Slightly Obsessed

  5.  When choosing food and your menu, what is the most important thing to keep in mind?

    “The most important thing when it comes to wedding catering is making sure your guests are well fed and no one is going hungry. Weddings are long days and there is often substantial drinking so it’s vital to keep your guests fed so that they are not doing so on an empty stomach. Hungry guests are also grumpy guests and essentially you have invited them to enjoy and be part of your special day and you, therefore, need to be concerned about their comfort. Make sure you cater for those with different dietry requirements. It’s also important to remember that with wedding catering the difficulty is that all your guests’ food needs to be ready at the same time. That’s a large amount of food that needs to be prepared and plated, so over complicated dishes are not a good idea.” – Margot CoetzeeEvent Affairs

  6. Where, in your opinion, should one spend money? And where is one able to save a bit more?

    “This is really up to you and what you feel is important to your wedding day. Make a list of your 5 things you think are most important and allow your budget to accommodate spending a bit more in these areas. Personally spending a bit more money to give your guests a good meal and having a great photographer to capture your special day is important, but the rest of where you allocate your budget to is personal preference.” – Margot CoetzeeEvent Affairs

  7. Some creative ways to think outside the box?

    “If you really want to be creative and think out of the box, avoid looking on Pinterest. It will suck you in with all its pretty pictures and you will ultimately land up following all the trends. Which is perfectly fine, because there is good reason things trend and your wedding will look beautiful, but not if you are really wanting to do things differently. Be true to yourself and your fiancé, bring in things that are significant and have meaning to you and your wedding is sure to be unique.” – Margot CoetzeeEvent Affairs

    “Make your ceremony aisle curvy, have interactive games after the ceremony, have interactive welcome drink stations, bring in the quirky especially if it highlights the couple’s personalities.” – Allison RobertsonSlightly Obsessed

  8. The venue always plays a big part, a couple of things to remember when choosing one? Remember to check whether they have the following: 

    “1) Do they cater for disabilities/handicapped – do they have ramps, are the bathrooms big enough for a wheelchair,

    2) Is there a rain plan for outside ceremonies, pre-drinks or reception

    3) What time does the liquor license end and what time is shut down

    4) Can the venue run over time and is there an additional cost

    5) Can a rehearsal be done in the week of the wedding and is their a cost involved

    6) When can set up of décor be done and when must breakdown of decor be done

    7) What is the minimum capacity the venue can hold and what is the maximum capacity a venue can hold – with and without a dance floor.”

    Leann McCabeBells and Whistles

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Download your Versofy Ultimate Wedding Spread Sheet


Tips and Tools for Planning your Special Wedding Day

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