Build your profile

Get more customers with a profile that sets you apart

Creating a great profile takes time, but it’s worth it. Your profile helps customers decide if you’re the right supplier for the job. Show them who you are in your “About” section and in your photos. 83% of suppliers hired on Versofy include at least one picture highlighting their work.

Check out Silas’s profile picture to see what a good one looks like.


Tell the customer a little bit about your company in your “About” section

Take a look at Matt from The Woods‘ “About” section to see what he said.


These are some of the main things customers take notice of in your “About” section


  1. Do you have the right experience for the job? Give a few examples of your work. List your relevant years in business and any training, education, or certifications.
  2. Are you someone I want to work with? Show your love for what you do with stories about why you started your business or what keeps you going.
  3. Are you professional? Make sure to double-check your spelling and grammar. Customers notice attention to detail and great communication skills.

Show off what you are able to do

Here are some examples of what a great media section looks like. 

Some things to remember about your images

  1. Upload at least 4 images of your work in order to fill the image stream up.
  2. Keep your content original, only upload pictures of your own work.
  3. In some categories it’s a great thing to include before and after examples.

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