Follow Up

Remember to follow up to seal the deal 

Versofy allows you to respond quickly and professionally to customer requests. Many customers get busy and lose track of their introductions, but that doesn’t mean they’re no longer interested. Successful Pros follow up regularly on quotes with no response and turn them into hires.

Keep an eye out

Once the customer has read or viewed you message you will be able to see two green ticks on that message. You are also able to set up a notification email to be sent once the client has viewed your response.

Versofy Insights

“I have found that following up with clients is

essential to sealing the deal. Even after a couple

of weeks I still follow up to see if I can help out 

without hearing back from them. I realise that you 

need to also put in more effort than just simply sending a response”

 Versofy Supplier Angus from  ADH Design




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