Get Reviews

You NEED to get Reviews

Reviews are often the biggest influence on a customer’s hiring decision—a great review gives you credibility. In order to be approved on Versofy you need at least 1 review. To get hired more often, ask for reviews from past customers. 85% of the suppliers hired on Versofy have at least 1 review. Up your chances by 60% by getting 3 or more reviews. The more the better.

How to get your first review

The more reviews you have from Versofy jobs the better, but this can take some time. You can get reviews from customers that you have done business with in the past. Once you complete a job on Versofy we’ll ask your customers to review you. All reviews from Versofy customers display on your profile along with a “verified” badge.



Email or text your personalized link to previous customers. To find your link, go to your profile and click on the URL. Your review link never changes or expires. Follow up! Give customers a friendly nudge after a few days. You can respond to every review to say thanks and emphasize how much you enjoyed the project.

Watch this short video that show you how to share your link


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