Get Verified

Getting Verified

In an effort to increase the Trust and Safety on we have teamed up with Fraudcheck (

What does this mean?
Login to your profile and input your personal and company details which will get checked by Fraudcheck in real time. Once Verified, your profile will proudly display your verification status giving future clients peace of mind. 

How to get Verified

Simply login to your Versofy account and you will get prompted with a popup message (example below) asking you to get Verified. Click on the “Get Verified” button and follow the prompts

Why get Verified?

Being verified gives clients peace of mind and increases you chances of getting hired on Versofy. It also increases the overall trust and security factor. People who have been through the ID check are 3 times more likely to be hired on Versofy. With a business check you are 5 times more likely to be hired.

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