How much does it cost?

How our money is made

Versofy has two options when it comes to being a supplier.


Subscription (Versofy Prime)

For most of our Suppliers, it makes more sense to pay a subscription to answer as many leads as possible. 

The fee is R6000 for a year (R500/month billed annually) or R3500 for 6 months. 



  1. Versofy will send you leads for free and uses a “Pay to Connect” model as opposed to a commission, subscription or pay per click model.

  2. This means that you only use credits to bid on promising leads that tickle your fancy. You are able to buy credits in various bundles that suit your budget and needs. Ultimately, you only pay for leads that you want to pursue.

  3. We limit the amount of suppliers who can bid on a job to 5, meaning you will only ever compete against 4 other suppliers at most. This is why your profile is so important.

How much is a credit?

1 Versofy Credit is equal to R10

How many credits does it cost per job?

Each job has a credit value determined by the budget set by the client.

eg. Wedding Catering Request has a budget of R30 000 = 6 credits

Business card printing budget is R500 = 2 credits

How do I purchase credits

You can purchase credits through the site via iPay or via instant EFT in the “Buy Credits” tab on your supplier dashboard.

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