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The long term vision for Versofy is to offer more than just lead generation for our suppliers, we are aiming to provide the tools to successfully run and operate a business. We believe that the SME sector holds the key to improving the economic landscape and we want to play our part by empowering our suppliers with the necessary tools to make this possible by enabling our suppliers to play to their strengths while we help handle all the other factors that come with running a business. 

We have been hard at work putting together strategic partnerships in key areas and industries. Have a look at the list below for more information:



All businesses require legal services from time to time. Whether it is for a Shareholders agreement or to put together an employee contract for your staff. Having a professional, legal, contract in place is a non negotiable and could save you more than just a headache down the road, it could be the difference between staying or going out of business. We have teamed up with a creative legal agency called Legalese to help you with the legal aspects of your business.


Why Legalese?

Unlike the traditional law firm with expensive billable hours and surprise invoices after the fact, Legalese has taken an age old industry and turned it on it’s head. They cater specifically for businesses that have just started, companies that are maturing, and enterprises seeking expansion and investment, across all kinds of industries – creative, tech and start-up, education, non-profit and more.

The best thing is, they offer set fee products, so you know exactly what you are paying for and how much you are paying up front.

Mention Versofy and receive a 5% discount on your legal service.

More on Legalese: 


Accounting Services:

As with Legal services, all legitimate businesses require accounting services, or at least access to them. We have teamed up with SMTAX to bring you access to a variety of useful services at the best possible prices. Whether it is business registration or a tax clearance certificate, SMTAX can assist for a fraction of the price.


SMTAX and Versofy have a lot of overlapping values when it comes to enabling small businesses to grow and thrive using technology to disrupt the conventional and offer professional services at affordable prices. Have a look at their services and price list here.

WAVE Software:

Wave Apps provide a professional platform that enables you to run all your accounting requirements such as book keeping, invoicing, management accounts, etc. For FREE. Say goodbye to excel templates and trying to keep up with who owes you what. Check out Waves, it’s completely free and will change the way you run your business. 

Register your free account here.


SMS Marketing:

Get in touch directly to your target through our brand new SMS platform. Together with Customer Find you will now have easy access to Blue Label Telecoms database of more than 20 million cellphone numbers. Easily send out promotional messages to advertise your business through our easy to use sms portal. SMS’s charged at 52c per SMS: 

Employee Cover:

Be the Leader who cares for their employees wellbeing. Get affordable funeral insurance for your staff and their families. Nobuntu’s offering is fully online, quick and simple. They take care of the admin so you can focus on growing your business.

Once your employees are signed up for Nobuntu Group Funeral Cover, they will have access to a simple and easy to use USSD platform to update their beneficiaries, learn more about their cover and receive financial education which will help them make better financial decisions.

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Upskill Yourself:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

As a business owner you can never stop learning. Which is why we have brought you access to over 80k online courses from top rated lecturers and institutions at unbelievably affordable prices. From Digital Marketing to mastering Excel, we have you covered. We have earmarked a couple of courses we believe you can utilise to make a real impact in your business. From as little as R100:

Plan, Brainstorm and Express Yourself

Don’t confine yourself to the boarders of your A3 whiteboard. Transform any surface into an erasable canvas with MOXIwall. Our proudly South African whiteboard paint, MOXIwall, transforms any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, giving you the space you need to explore your ideas in full!
Mention Versofy and get a 15% DISCOUNT.

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