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Cost of Solar Systems in South Africa – A 2022 Update

The cost of solar systems in South Africa and beyond is certainly under the microscope like never before. Everyone is looking into it – going green and relying less on the national grid. The cost of switching to solar is perhaps the most important factor that South Africans take into…

The cost of solar systems in South Africa and beyond is certainly under the microscope like never before. Everyone is looking into it – going green and relying less on the national grid. The cost of switching to solar is perhaps the most important factor that South Africans take into consideration before making the big switch to sustainable energy. This topic has been covered frequently in our Blog articles. As 2022 draws to a close, we felt it was important to once again enlighten customers about the costs involved in switching to solar, particularly when weighing up your options to either switch, stay with Eskom, or seek an alternative energy solution.

The Perfect Storm of Energy Uncertainty and a switch to Renewables

We rely on electricity in South Africa and Europe relies on gas. But both (Gas and Eskom) are troubled with serious issues, particularly on the topic of supply and demand.

Generators bring conventional solutions but whether it’s petrol, diesel or chip oil – wallets are drowning in the deep-fryer. Plus the days of burning fossil fuels have officially become numbered, with banks around the world silently exiting the funding of enterprises that do so.

Yes, in a global effort to charge up the green economy, the situation has developed into one that is no longer a moral matter. Now a practical one to get through the day, uninterruptedly. So purchasing solar batteries and systems is the most sustainable solution we have in this very unfortunate and current state of affairs.

It is an unavoidable fact that switching to solar will save you from darkness, but ultimately set you back too. With context, however, we trust that you will see and appreciate the lengths we have gone to, to lower the barriers to entry in the ways we have. This is why we want to share some insights (and stark realities) with you and help explain why, comparatively, solar with Versofy is the best financial route for channelling the energy output you need, for generations to come.

Calculating the true Cost of Solar Systems in South Africa

It’s like a western out there, and the market is quick to drive “price wars” on the cheapest solar package on the market. You never know who you’ll be dealing with and as we know, not everyone can be trusted. Solar finance solutions are appearing quickly (and relentlessly) in our social and internet feeds, but what are the true and final costs of these solar systems? And how much solar do we really need to power up our residence?

Buying a solar system for home use as an outright purchase, is available at Versofy, starting from just below R150K. Elsewhere, competitive prices are available for the same but take note that some companies will breach the R500k mark when quoting their customers on large-scale and bespoke systems. Always ask yourself – do you really need a football field of solar panels when all that’s required for your larger home is a 12kw three phase solar energy system?


The Benefits of multiple Payment Options

At Versofy, we believe we have done our homework in assessing what everyday South African households need. In doing so, we have gone the extra mile to provide this no-longer-a-luxury item to the everyday public. With rent-to-return (SaaS) and rent-to-own solar systems subscription packages, we’re in a class of our own and can guarantee that you’ll never have to fork out hundreds of thousands of rands to acquire the ultimate solar power system for your property.

Plus, you’ll know exactly who you’ll be dealing with – a trusted solar finance provider that actively delivers a consistent service that our customers can vouch for.

Comparative Study – Solar vs Generator

To give you a greater perspective on the true cost of solar systems in comparison to an alternative energy source, we spoke to an individual who is currently considering a switch to solar energy. Here is his story.
*note: actual name changed to protect the contributor’s identity.

Meet *Andre. He stays in and works from a four-bedroom house in Roodepoort on the West Rand. He lives with his fiance and has a full-time domestic worker that also lives on the property in an adjoining flat. His daughter is married and visits them often with her husband. Or at least that’s his explanation for the extra fridge standing on the stoep!

To avoid what he assumed was the prohibitable cost of solar systems, Andre purchased a 6.5kW Petrol generator in mid-2021. At that time, it cost R50,000 and he had quite a bill from the electrician to connect his shiny new power unit to the DB board of his residence.

Problem solved. Or so he thought. But fast-forward one year and his generator had become a white elephant. Why? Because at 18.7 litres capacity, his generator (that does not power the geysers or fridges at all) consumes 9 litres per two-hour load shedding cycle at a petrol price of roughly R22 per litre in November 2022. This means that each bout of load-shedding cost him R396 and each 2-session day costs him a minimum of R792. This equates to a total running bill of over R8K per month to him now.

R8K versus R5,499 – 45% more expensive than even the most premium Versofy subscription offering – Versofy Plus. You do the math.

The moral of the story, to all South Africans considering their options in reducing their dependence on Eskom, is to take a holistic approach to the true, ongoing cost of alternative energy. And this is where Solar Power stands apart from its rivals, in its Price Guarantee.


The Versofy Cost of Switching to Solar

The menu is dynamic, starting from a basic 5kw solar for the home solution right up to a 3-Phase hybrid powerhouse – you’ll be enjoying a smoother lifestyle from the second you switch on with us.

Versofy – Financing Solar Power

Everyone asks what the financial cost of solar systems in South Africa currently is, but what about the overall cost to us, as fed-up citizens looking for a more reliable and affordable alternative?

By the end of November 2022, Eskom had announced that the burning of diesel had left their reserves at a status which is declared unaffordable to continue – calling on municipalities to settle their arrears with them in order to continue this burning of cash. Ramping the nation up to Stage 4 load shedding once again with twelve billion rands of fossil fuels pumped into the environment, as (yet another) temporary solution. The long-term solution needs to be green, renewable, and sustainable – we have just the solution your property needs to break this cycle of despair!

At Versofy, we are committed to offering South Africans a multitude of choices to pledge their long-overdue allegiance to the solar energy revolution. Through our all-inclusive subscription packages, unrivalled customer support before and after installation, and tailored packages to meet the needs of different household compositions, we have a solution and price point for everyone that is thinking of going solar.
Invest in this cleaner future and save by visiting our website to apply for a solar subscription today!

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