Rent-to-Own Solar – The Benefits of Paying for Solar Over Time

by | May 26, 2023 | finance, Solar

Rent-to-Own Solar (RTO) is the unanimous answer to outright solar purchases and ever-hiked-up electricity bills as unforeseeable as the load-shedding schedule. If we told you we have a solution that will make you feel like you are basking in the sun and solves your energy solutions forever, would you keep reading this article?  

As a leading provider of residential, rent-to-own solar systems in South Africa, Versofy SOLAR offers all-in-one solar subscriptions packages and solar system prices that won’t break the bank. To meet the immediate needs of frustrated South African households, we’ve broken down our offerings into a range of rental plans that cater to everyone that isn’t Elon Musk or Mark Shuttleworth!   

Making the switch to solar may seem like a daunting task that is out of this world to comprehend. But with Versofy’s RTO solar options, we take the process out of the clouds into a life-changing decision that is streamlined, easy, and affordable. By choosing this solar financing option, you can enjoy lower upfront costs compared to purchasing an entry-level solar kit outright. And if you have some extra cash, you can add additional batteries or even consider a slightly higher solar system plan with more capacity and/or output.

The array of subscription options to choose from is your choice. A choice we’ve made sure to be inclusive, diverse and accessible to more converts to the renewable energy market than ever before. Let’s look at the benefits of paying off your solar instead of buying it upfront, in cash. 

Ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring

One of the greatest benefits of choosing our rent-to-own solar option is that the maintenance of the solar system will be the responsibility of Versofy SOLAR over the entire subscription period. This means you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of the system, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy stress-free with a world-class partner that has your back.

Don’t let fear hold you back from switching to solar energy. Versofy SOLAR’s expert technicians will ensure that your solar system is installed correctly and runs smoothly. Plus, with 24/7 monitoring by means of 4.0 cloud technology and Wi-Fi, you can rest easy knowing that you can check in at any time for oversight. 

Rent-to-Own Solar Savings

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of lower energy bills, but by paying a little more (one additional month, to be exact), you are investing for the indefinite future. Once your subscription is paid off after 60 months, and with said one additional final payment, you will own the system plus be able to enjoy these significant ongoing savings. But gradually and over time as the system starts paying itself off in the long run. 

No more exorbitant price rises, ever. Minus inflation at a period of 10 years or 20 years? Imagine how exponential those savings could be. 

Your hybrid solar system will only draw what you need from the national grid, and any surplus energy raised will be fed back into the grid. Potentially running your account into the negative and with the government willing to pay you incentives for it, should it commit to its net metering agreement promise.

Greener Energy Pastures

Switching to solar energy is not just a smart financial decision, it also helps protect the environment. A residential solar energy system reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner and greener future. 

By choosing Versofy SOLAR, you’re doing your part to protect the environment. This is how we run nowadays. We jump the fence and turn our backs on fossil fuels forever. Yes, we rubbed sticks together once to produce fire, but that doesn’t mean we still have to stick to the old ways!

Rent-to-Own Solar Financing

The fact is that our clever people that work out our solar finance solutions have already worked out the details to guarantee you an affordable solution. The bank is no foe, but that bond on your house should not be used for your power at home.     

Show Us The Goods

Rent-to-own solar, our most popular subscription, provides green energy to accommodate any residential setup and unlocks significant savings over your transitional journey. Tipping the scales in the right direction in the cost of solar systems versus ongoing benefits debate, to hopefully reach “solar parity” as we say in the renewables sector:

What we currently offer residents in the Rent-to-Own Category

  R3599pm (Versofy GROW) – 5 kW Hybrid Inverter 

  R4899pm (Versofy CHARGE) – 8 kW Hybrid Inverter

  R5899pm (Versofy PLUS) – 12 kW Hybrid Inverter

Additional Solar Payment Options that we offer

With the Solar as a Service (SaaS) product, more customers can also enjoy a cheaper and efficient way to switch to solar by renting solar setups exclusively through Versofy SOLAR:

  R1999pm (Versofy GROW) – 5 kW Hybrid Inverter 

  R2999pm (Versofy CHARGE) – 8 kW Hybrid Inverter 

  R3599pm (Versofy PLUS) – 12 kW Hybrid Inverter

Disclaimer: Please note that the prices displayed above are effective as of May 2023 and are subject to change. Please visit our Solar Pricing page for current Plans and Prices. 

Own your Energy Revolution Today with Versofy SOLAR

Rent-to-own solar is a trend as exciting as the invention of the wheel! It’s the best thing since sliced bread and as essential as toilet paper itself right now. We shed you not!

At Versofy SOLAR, we are committed to guiding our customers to the best solar solutions available. That’s what differentiates us. We’re one of the first companies to offer this innovative plan to accommodate more people financially for premium solar solutions. 

Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you make the switch to solar energy, no matter your budget or needs. Our friendly consultants are ready to help you find the right solar system that matches your current (or future) energy consumption needs. 

Why wait before the cold sets in? 

Take the first step for man – the giant leap for mankind, and lift off to tomorrow with Versofy SOLAR!



No matter your electricity requirements. Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to a suitable solar power system you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the South African electricity grid.


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