Solar Finance Solutions – Your One Way Ticket to get Off the Grid

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Solar

We don’t deal in small things here at Versofy. It’s not a curio shop. We deal in solar systems for homes and businesses, with affordable solar finance packages closely aligned to your regular electricity bills. We endorse and facilitate the supply of frighteningly big and innovative pieces of specialised equipment and electronic hardware. So you can swing that axe in God of War during load shedding whilst feeling just like one. 

Conquering the all-powerful Eskom but with installed updates to your home that are a complete game-changer for your home. No, you can’t install it yourself but don’t worry we WILL be sending a big team of accredited suppliers with all the right All-Star badges over to your place to do it. 

There is a common solar misconception that choosing to fund a solar PV installation requires chopping your savings arm off and thus a valuable credit resource with a bank to do it through. We’re here to dispel this myth and present to you a solar finance model that allows you to bypass expensive bond applications and put significant savings back in your pocket, in the long run.

Solar Finance through Major Banks

FNB, ABSA, Standard Bank and Nedbank all offer solar finance to South African property owners by means of various financing options. But since none of these major banks specialises in the actual product nor the general maintenance, setup, monitoring and/or aftercare thereof – you would be spending credit with the bank that could be serving you better elsewhere. You may also be surprised to hear that banks still view solar infrastructure as an unsecured asset – a categorisation that defies logic as solar energy generation saves consumers significant amounts of money in the long run.

Choosing a solar financing option through our country’s major banks is an option to pursue, but not an ideal fit for a solar power finance solution in a way that we know we can provide. Directly and without playing the middle man, providing a lasting alternative to South Africa’s energy situation and with a very sustainable rent-to-own solar systems contract that matches your property’s average consumption.

Calculating the Cost of Solar

When it comes to solar finance versus electricity cost, the question is always; what will it power and how much do I need if I make the switch?

In our recent blog article, focusing on how much energy will a specific solar system produce, we outlined how solar calculations are done in order to determine kilowatt-hours raised for your premises. For your understanding of solar production, it is very valuable, but certainly not a calculation that requires you to pause your gaming time at night to deliberate your solar subscription options. Our teams and partners that get dispatched to your property will determine this in detail whilst taking your location and peak sun hours into bespoke consideration.

Green Solar – The Bigger Picture

Getting serious – the sustainable benefits of Green Solar is really worth mentioning too. Specifically the environmental impact at play when delving into the subject of renewable solar energy.

The debate is a long one and the issue is bigger than just common experienced frustrations with Eskom alone. The carbon footprint and environmental saving impact here are undeniable when solar users start feeding back into the grid, as opposed to just drawing from it collectively. Similar to our precious water resource, where every drop really does count and every bit helps to, basically, help everyone else too. Or like the wind tunnels along the coasts of the Eastern Cape – inspiring and powerful human innovations to behold that integrate with nature. Are you ready to stop being gatvol of Eskom, step up and become part of the green revolution?

Versofy SOLAR Finance – Why We Bet on the Energy Revolution

Holistically, it just makes sense to join the energy revolution with an alternative solar finance solution that can give back. The whole flow of it just feels better in a strangely comforting way that only the sun can bring.

While a solar price parity in line with your municipality bill is our ultimate aim, we focus on your average electricity bill and match it with an industry-leading solar product solution that is yours forever, once you have completed your rent-to-own payment term. 

This makes us very proud of our product (and ongoing service) offering because you could really get your residence running on solar power for as little as R3499 per month on the entry-level solar subscription with Versofy

Thus a rent-to-own Solar Subscription through Versofy in our minds is the most sensible solar finance application which offers significant interest savings when compared to Bond funding from the major banks.

This is a fully financed solution that will start saving you on electricity bills from the very moment that your system goes online and for reasons we have and continue to cover at length will, in our regular blog articles.

The rate of this investment can be compared to any modern item within its same price range and when you realise what you actually get for it at that price – we really hope you find it as empowering as we do.

Join the solar energy revolution! Visit our website to view and apply for a solar subscription today!



Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to solar you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the National electricity grid.



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