Solar System Prices – Exploring your different Payment Options

by | Apr 21, 2023 | finance

Solar system prices have become a key budget consideration for many South Africans households, since the intensified stages of loadshedding became the norm along with everlasting Eskom tariff hikes.

With new records broken in terms of concurrent days without stable power supply, the hunt for an answer to, ‘what does solar cost?’, has spiked through the roof, much like the need for renewable energy itself. Fuelled by a nation that suddenly has to protect their households and businesses from lost productivity and income, as affordably as possible.   

But this is where the Versofy SOLAR story of success lies. We have already gone the extra mile to offer additional solar finance options to many citizens who simply can’t afford the major upfront capital that is required for a full-scale installation. 

We fought it upfront too, and the number of households who have made the switch to solar, from when we started our company until now – has exceeded all expectations. Our balancing act is one that offers qualifying households a combination of solar system prices and payment options, closely aligned to their current consumption. These are presented through our intuitive GROW, CHARGE and PLUS packages – your all-in-one ticket to enjoy the benefits of a solar installation at home starting right now. 

Why is Solar so Expensive?

A solar PV system is a big, bulky and highly-technical installation. There are many components (along with labour) to consider when it comes to solar system prices such as; solar batteries, solar panels, their efficiency, the silicone used, your inverter, batteries and all kinds of other spares plus correct wirings required. 

Quality that lasts is of equal importance, along with all the correct procedures and signoffs required to guarantee electrical compliance and safety.  This is why DIY solar is never advised and why we feel our payment methods to get solar should be considered before just signing up with the first poster off a street pole! 

Credentials should definitely be checked first, because a solar installation is a serious undertaking that requires diligence, utility-expertise and professionalism. Purchasing cheaply can also become very expensive as “they” say,

Let’s show you how we do solar financing, the Versofy SOLAR way. With access to the best brands, we have more than just alternative ways for raising energy – we have alternative ways for affording it across all our GROW, CHARGE and PLUS solar subscription plans.     

Payment Methods for Solar available to South Africans

  1. Purchasing Outright

Cash is always king but seldomly possible at this scale of installation required as understood by now. But for those that CAN afford the proverbial arm, leg and elbow of solar system prices – this option is available at Versofy SOLAR. Crucially, it also comes with a Manufacturers Warranty as well as the Versofy CARE service plan. With no terms and no monthly repayments – this renewable journey is yours to enjoy hassle-free; one, two, three.

  1.  Renting to Own 

This is Versofy SOLAR’s action plan in full force that defines our most unique selling point. Signing up to a rent-to-own solar system package allows you to plug into the sky with immediate installation just like our customers that pay cash, but with the advantage to pay the system off over a 60-month period. This option will include Utility Rate Hike Protection, Full Service and a Manufacturers Warranty.         

With a fixed interest rate (subject to an annual 5% increase), you can enjoy a new supply of energy without exhausting a valuable credit line. Plus, for one extra month at the end of our contract, the full system will be owned by you (the homeowner) exclusively. 

  1.  SAAS Rental 

Solar-as-a-Service  (SAAS) is the newest payment and subscription plan, launched in late 2022, which gives you the benefit of solar energy without the costs of ownership associated. What SAAS does is try to cater for the current state of emergency and disaster by opening the floodgates to the market even further – but in a positive, and more economically viable way! 

This option will enable customers to:

Here, and only in this rental option, an annual 5% interest rate increase applies and the contract agrees all parties to a 36-month basis instead of the standard 60-month term.     

Versofy SOLAR – Solar System Prices that work for you

The growing number of payment methods available to South Africans is ultimately a decision that is based on your cashflow, your budget and your energy needs.

In our opinion, your capital should remain where it belongs – in the bank and hopefully to stay there forever, for purchases that manifest your dreams or for other emergencies other than having access to something as basic as energy to put a kettle on with. 

Yes, some relationships with the national power grid won’t ever be the same – but that does not mean life can’t go on as normal – or even better than better! Versofy SOLAR is here to help us all get there because for every folk – there’s a financial stroke that considers them too.   

 Switch to Versofy SOLAR and start saying goodbye to rising energy costs today!



No matter your electricity requirements. Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to a suitable solar power system you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the South African electricity grid.


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