How Versofy works

Find new customers and grow your business

Whether you’re scaling your business, filling the gaps in your schedule, or just starting out, Versofy will help you find the right customers.

How Versofy works

Customers come to Versofy to find local suppliers.

They need to hire someone for a project – like a kitchen renovation, a wedding or pretty much anything. We ask them specific questions, and they ask us to find local professionals to help.

We send you those warm leads.

When you sign up with Versofy, you tell us what you’re looking for and what type of projects you can work on. Then we match you with customers that fit. We’ll send you the customer’s project description – we call it a request.

You only pay to send the first message.

We call it a bid. You decide if it’s a good fit, then send a message and price estimate. You’ll see how much it costs to bid on any job before you click “send.”

Customers review suppliers’ quotes.

They’ll look through everyone’s prices, messages, profiles and reviews and either hire someone right then or send a message for more info. You can email or text back to finalize the details of a job. And once you’re hired, we’ll ask the customer to review you.

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