12kw three phase Solar Energy System for Larger Homes

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Solar

Going bold when switching to solar or upgrading to a solar energy system capable of powering a larger home/business means the big guns are coming out. Namely, the Sunsynk 12kw three phase Solar Inverter, the flagbearer of Versofy PLUS – the premium subscription tier of our three solar subscription plans.

In this article, we discuss our top-shelf solution as we wrap up this series of articles around your options to invest in a sustainable and affordable solar journey with us. Renting to own, leasing it from us at an affordable monthly charge, whilst enjoying the peace of mind of knowing that your system is under the watchful eye of the best solar monitoring technology in the market.

Your very own Photovoltaic reaction to the energy crisis in South Africa.

Sunsynk Included – The Hybrid Solar Inverter of Choice

The Sunsynk brand of solar inverters reflects the ideal, optimised power management tool that South African homeowners and business people demand in these turbulent times. As a trusted, global brand, Sunsynk combines an efficient grid-tie inverter with a powerful battery inverter, to create a fluid hybrid solar energy system that is unrivalled in its price class.

Extremely versatile in their application, these nifty units are used on remote military, building and marine sites as well.

A Solar Energy System for Bigger Homes and Business: The Three-Phase Distinction

Solar systems for home and business, managed in three-phase form, is the key differentiator of solar inverters that manage your electricity at a larger scale than those offered in the 8kw solar system price bracket. Catering to the biggest of residential setups, enterprises and industrial applications, as we have mentioned.

But what exactly is three-phase electricity?

Single-Phase residential voltage physically enters a property via a single live wire, connected to the national power grid. In contrast, a 12kw three Phase solar system consists of three wires from three supplies of power that are managed by your new inverter:

  • the power stored in your battery bank
  • electricity from the grid
  • renewable energy raised by means of your new solar panels here in sunny SA

It is worth noting, however, that Three-phase circuits do not run exclusively on three-phase inverters, as single-phase, inverters and micro-inverters can also have this capability. But three-phase inverters do, however, reduce the chances of a voltage rise in an ever-unpredictable current.

An example of an unpredictable current supply would be, rural areas of the country run by smaller municipalities. And a clear indication of when appliances should rather be plugged out for safety is when power from the national grid starts going on and off, sporadically, over periods of 1 to 10 minutes. Sometimes revealing the damaging voltage current at play – when lights burn at half-mast, damaging fridges, kettles and toasters, if not frying them out completely.


Essentially, the benefit of a three-phase solar energy system is the spread of the load over three wires – upping the solar production to a maximum. Your new 12kw three phase Solar Sunsynk Inverter monitors them all effectively for visual display on the control panel and your app screen. Relaying the exact consumption and/or integrations of each power source to you.

12kw three phase Solar – An Advanced Subscription

The Versofy PLUS solar subscription package, complete with the 12kW three Phase Solar Sunsynk Inverter is offered to consumers at a fixed price of R5499 per month. No more hedging your bets and budget against annual Eskom price increases. This is a financed subscription, suitable for much larger residential setups and enterprises to fully enjoy the benefits of what it means to be connected to a cloud-monitored system.

It caters for the average daily consumption of approximately 40kWh as the PV system itself delivers from 25kWh up to 29kWh from a 10kWh Battery Bank.

Solar and Cloud – A Ray of Genius

Solar systems for home + the internet = unrivalled control.

The pace of innovation that has defined Industry 4.0 is staggering. We have seen the power of Cloud Technology enhancing so many things, as evident by the meteoric rise in apps and remote user control over the last decade. Banking, trading, mailing, stocktaking and management – Anything you can imagine these days has an app for it!

With a solution financed by Versofy, you can also monitor and maintain your energy situation at home with the same level of efficiency and accuracy. With Sunsynk’s remote monitoring capabilities, you have real-time analytics of your power generation and consumption to keep an eye on what is going on in terms of your energy- usage, production, output and conservation. We can also dial in to help you to optimise your system over a period of time, fine-tuning those settings as we go to really hit the sweet spot of your output current.

The benefit of this is, should your family or staff experience something out of the ordinary, you can check in from wherever you are to adjust or troubleshoot the issue.

So the ability of the Sunsynk 12kW three phase Solar Hybrid Inverter to connect to the Internet is what will keep our journey together completely transparent and up-to-date, with all the latest reports of our interactions, tweaks, upgrades and updates generated automatically.

Versofy SOLAR – We Come With a Plan

Funding your solar needs with Versofy PLUS when upgrading or switching to a Solar System for homes and businesses will get you the torque required to run your heavier and often more industrial applications – those which cannot run on Single Phase power alone without separate boosters or starters installed.

When your home and/or business cannot afford the downtime that our national provider spontaneously subjects us to – you need to stand up and take energy independence, backed by a partner that never switches off the plug on support and maintenance.

Book your Site Inspection today, or contact our team to enquire about making the sustainable switch! It’s a bold choice. But nothing to get wound-up about. By all means, something to get very excited about only. Versofy handles the rest.



No matter your electricity requirements. Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to a suitable solar power system you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the South African electricity grid.


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