5kw Solar for the Home – Getting Started With Versofy GROW

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Solar

The growing demand for 5kw solar systems for home use has been sounding a deafening call due to the fact that energy interruptions affect us all. Something that we, as South Africans, have to endure every week or three – constantly for years. It has gotten to the point where it has now become the norm to just accept it as “one of those things”. Home lives, businesses and everyday routines are rudely disrupted for everyone not lucky enough to get a job at an international company that delivers an inverter to their new remote workers in Johannesburg.

No jokes, people are feeling powerless in all senses of the word. We’re gatvol of this never ending on/off cycle. And it’s enough to make the rest of the world take notice of the energy predicament all South Africans are in.

Thus, getting started with solar systems for home is our answer to the call of the energy revolution made by those who seek alternatives like we do. At Versofy, we are unwilling to accept the current state of energy affairs and very willing to help manifest the change – a journey you don’t have to fear. One that we’ll be with you on every step whilst navigating your way with diligent experience. Solar experience in funding, installing and maintaining your system with the friendliest monitoring technology that has been proven to be available.

5kw Solar for the Home – The FYI

Solar Systems for Home is an investment that is designed to last for a lifetime. Most manufacturers guarantee that panels can still deliver 80% of its intended output even after 25 years of use, with most solar panels outliving their warranty periods. But switching to solar is a costly upfront exercise with small downsides that are important to highlight before we start investigating your unique needs:

  • Panels are large pieces of hardware that take up space.
  • Shaded areas or locations with little or no exposure to sunlight will not be able to gather energy as efficiently as advertised.
  • Even though the panels are made of basic materials, the inverter and batteries for the storage of your raised energy are, by far, the highest solar system costs to anticipate.

An Introduction to your Solar Power System Options.

  1. Grid-Tied Solar:
    Your new supply of energy stays tied to your current energy provider. As a consequence, a grid-tied solar system will not generate electricity in the event of load shedding, even on sunny days! An additional drawback of this system is that you will still be prone to interruptions if you are not adding batteries to your setup. However, the upside to this solar-powered system, is that you can save and potentially earn income from the energy you raise by yourself, by feeding it back into the national grid that way (if your municipality allows).
  2. Off-Grid Solar:
    Your Home Solar System runs completely independently from the national grid. This applies to remote areas and places where access to power lines is limited but this solar system price is heavier due to the fact that all energy must now be stored on-site whilst being managed, maintained and monitored. Maintaining an off-grid existence will need to factor in having enough batteries (and most likely a generator as well), to also keep you fully charged during those gloomy days and weeks of extended rainfall and cloud cover”
  3. Hybrid Solar Power System:

    What we at Versofy specialize in facilitating, and why we insist on Sunsynk Hybrid Solar Inverters within all our subscription packages. A system that can meet requirements within the 5kW, 8kW and massive 12kW three-phase solar system ranges plus store enough power in a battery bank to seamlessly switch between the two in case of outages. 

    There really is no need to overcapitilize on a fully off-grid system. A hybrid system gives you the benefits of both; the ability to be completely independent of the grid in times of sunshine, without the additional costs needed to get you through the times without sun. 

Sunsynk Included – The Inverter of Choice for Home Solar

Solar generates electricity in DC, which means as most appliances run on AC, the current needs to be converted. This is where your Inverter steps in. And the type of Sunsynk Inverter needed for your chosen setup. The brains of the operation.

Based on our own in-depth investigation, summary and comparison on which solar inverter is best, Sunsynk topped the charts we needed to prove to our customers why we choose to partner with them on your behalf. Coming in strongly all-round with features that outperformed the rest.

Introducing Versofy GROW, our 5kw solar system price offering. This represents our entry-level subscription package and comes with a 5kW Sunsynk Solar Inverter included. No doubt covering the essentials for new converts, opting to start their solar journey with us.

Versofy GROW – The Entry-Level 5kw Solar Subscription

The 5kW Sunsynk Inverter Solar System pricetag with Versofy GROW is currently available to customer R3499 per month. This is a financed subscription for qualifying applicants to enter the market and enjoy limited but essential power for select plugs and appliances during electricity downtimes.

With an investment in the 5kw solar system price bracket, our GROW package caters for the average daily consumption of approximately 20kWh as the PV system itself delivers from 14kWh up to 18kWh with a 5kWh Battery Bank.

The Sunsynk Inverter has a warranty of up to 5 years with Sunsynk itself. Cooling happens by means of a fan and the unit is wall-mounted. The main LED is colourful and bright with simple operational instructions which we run you through, upon installation.

Modular Means Growing With You

Solar Systems for Home, are modular in nature and are easy to upgrade. What this means, is that an expansion of your existing solar power setup is possible for when the residence gets additional units on the property to cater to, for example. Or perhaps the kids have grown to the stage where they suddenly need to use laptops and the Internet for schooling purposes at night when those dreaded blackouts come rolling – repeatedly.

The benefits of upgrading mean that other functions become available as the 5kW Sunsynk Inverter gets replaced by the 8kW or 12kW solar system price bracket. One that can communicate via Cloud to include app functionality. Guaranteeing transparency and control from anywhere to where it matters – home.

If you are interested in a phased approach to your solar setup, you can find out more by reading our recent article on the topic of building up your solar system over time.

Versofy SOLAR – We Know The Terrain

Subscribing to Solar Systems for Home can be daunting but the stability and peace of mind of what waits over the hill at the destination ultimately outweigh the cost, trouble and effort when switching to solar. At Versofy, you have a rally partner by your side for the rocky road that we drive daily. Never mind the long walk to freedom in our energy revolution. We have a buggy. Solar-powered of course!

Book your Site Inspection today, or contact our team for queries you may need us to shed some light on. We have a group of techies on standby that are eager to whip out their Solar Calculators.




No matter your electricity requirements. Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to a suitable solar power system you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the South African electricity grid.


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