GoodLuck And Versofy Solar Keep The Beat Going!

by | Apr 8, 2024 | Solar

As Versofy we are thrilled to report back that solar energy has been a complete game-changer for GoodLuck, we’re told it’s been the reason the band has been able to continue to make music and create since partnering!

Which is why GoodLuck continues to refer friends and family across South Africa to sign-up for solar-as-a-service (on monthly subscription).

After all, the show must go on, even when the lights go off – especially if the show is an electronic extravaganza that sells platinum records.

GoodLuck’s collaboration with us on all their solar needs has been able to keep the band’s vibe going even when Eskom hits all the wrong notes.

GoodLuck can usually be found in the studio when not on tour, but when loadshedding eats away at your productivity, managing a successful band can become frustrating. Not only is solar a must for business, it’s a must for Jules and Ben who are entering the next phase of their lives with the announcement of their latest band member (and our newest solar subscriber!), welcoming their baby in June 2024. A crucial time to make sure your lights are on, the household is powered-up and warm with a winter newborn!

With a starting price of just R1 999 per month, renting solar gives Goodluck uninterrupted studio time at a price that beats your average car repayment. 

After all, a powerful performance demands a steady power supply!

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