Heating And Cooling Energy Saving Tips For Solar Energy

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During the summer, you will need an energy system to cool down the high temperatures in the house. As the winter approaches, you will be preparing for an effective heating solution to meet your needs. The high costs of energy when using supply from the national grid can discourage you from acquiring an energy efficient heating or cooling system. However, by investing in green energy, you have the assurance of a cost-friendly and effective solution to meet your heating and cooling needs irrespective of the period of the year. Consider these heating and cooling energy saving tips.

Benefits Of Solar-Powered Heating And Cooling Systems

Save More Money:

This is a common advantage of all solar systems. By offsetting your upfront costs, solar-powered heating and cooling systems will save you a significant amount of money through the years. If you eye the future of energy saving, then you will not be discouraged by the initial solar installation costs. In real sense, the cost of solar installation is not as expensive as some people think. You have a variety of solar installers in South Africa who will give you quotes on solar systems based on your heating and cooling needs. 

Gear Up For Easy Maintenance:

Most solar users are not aware that solar systems that run heating and cooling systems in the home are easy to maintain. Once you set your panels on the roof, unless something serious happens (very rare) like interference from adverse weather conditions. Your panels will need zero or very low maintenance costs. Your solar panels will need cleaning which the South Africa annual rainfall will adequately handle for you. Repairs might arise, but occasionally with less frequency than the ordinary electric heating and cooling systems.

Environmentally Friendly:

If you care about climate change, then you are on track using solar energy heating and cooling systems. They minimize the demand from the national electricity grid, indirectly reducing the burning of fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Tips To Maximize On Solar Energy When Using Solar Heating And Cooling Systems

Zero-Cost Heating And Cooling Energy Saving Tips

Economical Use Of Air Conditioners:

It is not a must to use air conditioners throughout when it is hot. Even if it is hot, you can turn off air conditioners if you are leaving the house. Whenever you use them, ensure you do so with efficiency and be conscious to turn them off as necessary.

Dump Electric Blankets For Hot Water Bottles:

Electric blankets are big consumers of energy. If you are getting your energy from solar you will need to be conscious of your consumption. A hot water bottle that uses up to less than half of the energy that an electric blanket consumes can have the same warming effect.

Save on air-conditioning

Use Blinds And Windows Wisely:

Be sure to keep windows shut at day break while you slide the curtains to let in sunshine. As the heat rises towards the afternoon, open the windows to allow fresh air and close them as soon as the sun starts to set. Close the windows and slide the blinds and heavy curtains to retain the heat in the house.

Dress For the Season:

Heating and cooling needs can also be controlled by our clothing. If we dress in heavy cotton during the winter, cover our heads with caps, and necks with scarves, we can maintain a reasonable amount of energy and minimize the heating needs. Dressing light during the summers can reduce the amount of heat in the body significantly reducing the high needs of cooling solutions. The overall implication is that with appropriate dressing it is possible to cut off the amount of energy spent on heating needs during the winter and the energy spent in cooling during the summers.

Increasing The Efficiency Of Electric Blankets:

Instead of keeping the electric blanket on throughout the night. Turn it on to the maximum moments before getting into bed to get the maximum heating effect then turn it off for the night as you get into bed. Electric blankets are also a major fire hazard and should be avoided wherever possible. 

Low-Budget Cost Saving Tips

Only Heat Where Necessary:

  • Make it a habit to only heat rooms in use. You don’t have to heat the guest room if you don’t have guests within.
  • Invest in heating solutions that take a shorter time to heat up and those that have an in-built thermostat for automatic heat and cooling effect regulation.

Only Heat When Necessary:

Even if you acquired the latest energy efficient solar energy system, you don’t have to leave your heating and cooling systems on if you are going to be out of the house for entire day. Instead, you can acquire a heating or cooling system integrated with a mobile application. These allow you to switch on your heating system remotely. If it is during the day, you can set mobile integrated heating and cooling systems to starting cooling the house before you get home.

Energy saving open window

Seal Air Leaks:

Air leaks on the roof, through the windows, and doors can make it hard for you to regulate temperatures in the house. It is best to seek the home inspection service to give you a perfect service and that will have the job perfectly done for you. Home inspectors specialize in all kinds of services and detect errors where you would not easily contemplate and will give you the best fix for your heating and cooling needs. Once you identify the air leaks you can ask solar installers to guide you and come up with the best sealing options to achieve better insulation.

Investment Choices

For users in search for the best heating and cooling energy saving tips. Here are a couple of solutions worth considering.

Get Rid Of Heat Trapped On Your Ceilings:

Equip your doors with transom windows for cross-ventilation to allow heat to escape. Heat extractor fans can also remove such heat and give a cooling effect at night. Investing in screens can be a good choice for households facing the threat of mosquito invasion.

Invest In Ceiling Fans:

The cheap cost of ceiling fans compared to air conditioners makes them ideal for cooling the room. Since they don’t cool air in the house, always switch them off when leaving the room.

Ceiling Insulation:

In additional to saving annual energy consumption of up to 16%. Insulating your ceiling can make the home cooler during the summers and warmer during the winter by preventing heat from escaping. For an extra green and eco-friendly option, consider Thermguard.

Roof Overhangs And Awnings Can Be A Good Fit:

This is your opportunity enjoy the warm winter sun while shielding windows from hot sun in the summers. Providing both a warming effect in winter and cooling effect during the summers.

Invest in Inverter Air Conditioners: 

Inverter air conditioners are more eco-friendly and energy efficient than regular air-cons. Inverter air-cons use less energy as they constantly regulate the temperature in the room. Unlike traditional air-cons which switch on and off multiple times and only run at full capacity. 

Next Move

As you consider energy, keep in mind the right solar installers can assist you get the most ideal solar heating and cooling system and help you to set it up. You can get a free quote from a pool of trusted solar systems South Africa dealers.

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