Here’s our little “Good Thing” to share as team Versofy continue our support of Safe Study

by | May 1, 2024 | Empowerment

Safe Study, an inner-city after-school support programme for Johannesburg youth, got a solar boost thanks to our Versofy team, ensuring the lights stay on even when loadshedding starts!

Versofy Matters, the charitable arm of Versofy SOLAR, decided to give back to the organisation in the best way! Amy Tearle the Versofy Community and Social Media Marketing Manager, shared how the team reached out to lend a helping hand to Safe Study.

“Versofy provided Safe Study with a complimentary solar power system, which has had a profound impact on their operations. This system not only enables Safe Study to continue functioning seamlessly despite load shedding but also ensures a safe and conducive environment for students, teachers, and staff.”

“By harnessing solar energy, Safe Study now offers reliable access to essential amenities such as electricity, heating, and Wi-Fi. This transformative initiative is particularly significant as over half of Safe Study’s students come from homes without access to these basic necessities. With the solar power system in place, these children now have a dedicated space to learn and thrive, with the assurance of consistent lighting and warmth, along with the opportunity for a warm, nutritious meal.”

– Amy Tearle, Versofy Community and Social Media Marketing Manager

Speaking to Nicola Bennett, she shared that the installation has been a “dream come true”. They had really been challenged by the loadshedding stages. Now they are able to keep the lights on and save money on electricity too. The money saved is being put towards feeding the children and purchasing needed supplies.

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