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by | Jan 17, 2024 | finance, solar insurance

We are forever further developing our service offering to ensure we enhance your solar experience. Versofy SOLAR’s market-leading personalised service includes an innovative embedded insurance solution. This service is exclusively available for our Solar-as-a-Service and Rent-to-Own customers in South Africa, offering a robust safety net for your solar PV systems against theft and damage.

A sunny step ahead

A decision to invest in solar solutions is significant for any South African household. We’re dedicated to supporting this decision by offering an added layer of protection for your solar systems against potential risks.

This pioneering insurance solution provides comprehensive coverage for solar panels, inverters, and batteries. In the event of damage, you can rest assured that your power supply will not be significantly disrupted for too long, thanks to our embedded insurance cover.

Bridging the gap in traditional solar insurance

What sets Versofy’s embedded insurance apart is its approach to simplifying the insurance process. Traditional methods often leave homeowners facing complexities and uncertainties when insuring solar installations. Versofy SOLAR’s embedded insurance offering integrates seamlessly with the installation price, removing the burden of insurance management from our customers. There’s no extra cost to you, simply added value built in!

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The Versofy Integrated Solution

This integrated solution eliminates the common frustrations associated with insurance claims. In case of damage, theft, or natural disasters, Versofy SOLAR manages all insurance-related procedures, ensuring rapid response and repair at no additional cost. This initiative is backed by Mutual & Federal Risk Financing Limited, in collaboration with our broker partner, Pangea Wealth.

Versofy Care

In addition to this, Versofy SOLAR is also enhancing its offerings for households that have purchased their solar systems outright. Our Versofy Care benefit includes panel cleaning, warranty claim assistance, and financial protection against unforeseen repair or replacement costs. This service package ensures the longevity and efficiency of your investment at a competitive rate.

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Solutions tailored to you

This introduction of embedded insurance is a testament to Versofy’s commitment to solving real-world problems with innovative solutions. We are proud to continue leading the way in making solar energy more accessible and customer-friendly. Our new embedded insurance offering is a significant step in this direction, and we’re excited to share it with you. Click here for more info on our pricing and products.



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