Rent to Own Solar Systems: The Price You Pay versus Costs You Save.

Power stations going offline at a moment’s notice. Fingernails are being bitten to the core by stage after stage of load shedding rounds. The unreliability of our nation’s power supply has become a sore point for all of us. We’re gatvol of this prevailing reality, and we’re sure you are too. Anyhow, enough about what we can’t control. In this article, we deep dive into the ready-made solution to your energy problems, the rent-to-own solar systems model. Designed to make clean and affordable energy available to all, we explore what you really want to know, in advance of making this life-changing investment.

  1. What does a solar subscription cost?
  2. How does paying slightly more now benefit your home substantially in the long run?

“Only rich people drive sports cars.”
“No one can afford a solar system.”
“Crypto is just a bubble!”

We could swear we were back in the 1950s when they claimed that credit cards will never work. These are examples of very first-level perceptions that are judged at face value. Sweeping statements when in reality, those that stocked up on Bitcoin after the first rise are now giggling (if) reading this whilst drinking cocktails with the VISA guys on a yacht in Monte Carlo!

Plus, most “rich” people that drive sports cars means the bank actually owns them. Every day people are driving them in style until they own them and then most trade them off for new ones because they break, rust, date or fail to serve them anymore. Sounds like quite the life.

This brings us to the stigma around owning solar which we like to break at a rate that beats any sports car deposit, runs on free proverbial fuel, and generates ongoing savings that could help you actually own your own fancy sedan one day. Like the real “rich” people.

The real being those smart people with enough crafty options. Harbouring investments of all kinds to effectively manage their cash-flow whilst conserving their income and lifestyle at all times. In our case, solar energy. Quite literally, paying the price now in order to pay half of what the rest will be paying over the next 20 years from now because of foresight, planning, follow-through and risk, of which with Rent-to-Own Solar Systems, there is none.

Facts – and we’re about to tell you why.

Solar Parity and Versofy SOLAR Partnering

In truth, the setup of a solar system is a large and expensive undertaking that requires manpower in various disciplines? to execute to industry standards. Naturally, very few people can afford the upfront installation costs with all the right solar panels, battery banks, mounts and inverters that are thus required to be purchased for it in one go.

Thus, Versofy SOLAR has a transparent solution, the solar subscriptions model, that not only enables more people to join in the green revolution by simplifying the solar process, but also comes with unique monitoring, maintenance and support capabilities as well.

Striving towards Solar cost parity with all our clients. Thus ensuring that your financed rate is eventually less, or equal, to what you would normally pay, whilst granting you the savings benefit that solar energy provides. One that was not possible in the past, but now at a much-needed point where there can be alternatives within our national energy services. A chance to get on your own grid.

Rent to Own Solar Systems – At What Cost, Currently.

Frankly, and with the pun very much intended, there is not enough current for what we as a nation need right now. With our Solar Parity explained and applied, the energy situation we are in as a country is currently costing you more than what you would pay for a solar energy solution collectively in the next 20 years. This is explained in detail on our website homepage by means of a graph to illustrate this saving to you:

Summed up, that is a collective saving of R300 000 within an energy landscape that the current monopoly or “they-who-shall-no-be-named” can only seem to promise ever-looming price increases and interrupted services to. Thus, adding onto the current costs you are already paying, as reflected in the rising Y-axis of the graph above.

Rolling blackouts affect everyone’s operations and business-doings. The rent-to-own solar systems model is the ideal solar financing option to get out of the rabbit hole of uninterrupted supply and exorbitant tariff increase.

Rent to Own – The Overlooked Solar Option

Why throw this money in the water just because it’s the standard way of doing things, and within circumstances, South Africans have had no choice but to grow used to? The “unaffordable” stigma still exists around solar systems but we wish to welcome everyone to the energy revolution by saying there is a way of enjoying its value whilst paying it off. Like a car.

The Promise to Own your Own Solar Power System – Affordably

After one of our verified installers analyzes the requirements at your premises, we will inspect which subscriptions you qualify for in order to get your installation done and optimize your outputs. This subscription contract will then run up until the specified term is over before you will be offered an opportunity to purchase the system from us at the rate of 1 additional month only. Within this period you will receive the unrivalled support we pride ourselves on with easy updates and the constant monitoring of your system. To find our more about how Versofy helps you successfully get off the grid, explore how Versofy works.

Because transfers are difficult and slow (yet possible), it is advised that you consider purchasing solar if you own the property it is intended for. Funding your system through us allows you to save you liquid capital for other home upgrades, and, as our homepage comparison chart illustrates, still comes in significantly cheaper in comparison to adding the installation costs to your bond.

A Landlord’s Lucrative Investment Opportunity

The cost-savings that someone who owns a portfolio of student or holiday flats, residences, resorts or apartments would experience is extensive and exponential over time. This makes the decision to convert to rent-to-own solar systems highly appealing to landlords and property portfolio managers for the following reasons:

  • it reduces the rental rate by including electricity by default.
  • it provides the landlord with an opportunity to build a separate revenue stream with tenants.
  • it allows landlords to gain a competitive stable and clean energy plus price advantage over other properties in the area.
  • it may increase your property’s resale value.
  • it allows landlords to be eligible for additional tax credits and rebates.

Versofy Rent to own SOLAR – Financing Your Options

At the end of the day, yes – cars look cool but they are always a terrible investment to make. The rent-to-own solar systems subscription model, offered through Versofy, could just be the best property upgrade you make, this generation. We break down the stigma of high barriers to entry, by tailoring an all-in-one subscription, backed up by world-class service and robust warranties.

So why not apply this knowledge to something you will never need to replace? Everyone’s source of infinite energy, the Sun. Making a purchasing decision that will convert to significant savings over a lifetime.

Start your Solar Subscription Application today, or contact our team to answer any questions you may still have. It’s time to let it shine.



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