Smart-sensor technology for your geyser is here!

by | Mar 28, 2024 | solar system

Together with our partners Sensor Networks, we were recently in Engineering News talking about another great partnership, namely, solar & smart technologies! 

“At the national level, the shift in South Africa’s household energy use has altered the power landscape – thanks to the rollout of solar, the demand placed on national power generation has dropped by 1,500MW, relieving some of the strain from an already-creaky national grid. If we can continue at this pace, the country’s power grid could be somewhat stabilised, thanks to the efforts of private consumers and businesses opting to make smart decisions regarding their energy use.

Consider access to hot water: geysers account for approximately 40-45% of a household’s electricity bill – given how relatively inelastic our desire and need for hot water is, the burden placed on lower-income households by a geyser is potentially enormous. A solar-integrated geyser can, however, ensure households enjoy the same hot water for a third of the price. By way of an estimated savings example, consider the following: if a household’s electricity bill is R2,000, a solar-integrated geyser could result in monthly cost savings of R660, which equates to around R45,000 over a five-year period. With smart-sensor technology attached to a home’s geyser, and when used optimally with solar integration, can lower up to 80% of household energy costs. Over the same five-year span, that comes close to R100,000 in savings.

At the same time, an individual household would be reducing their total carbon emissions by about 19 tonnes over five years. Beyond the immediate cost savings, having solar power and/or a solar-integrated geyser adds to the resale and rental value of a property. (Check out another great piece we wrote on this here, perfect for holiday homes!) While the exact resale value of a property depends on several factors, enhancing a property’s sustainability credentials not only reduces running costs but also increases its market appeal over the long term. 

So, solar panels and solar geysers are an obvious choice then!”

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