Solar Systems for Home – Starting your Energy Revolution Journey

Solar Systems for Home is a hot topic in today’s national energy landscape. We know the scene collectively all too well, with years and years of empty promises endured. 

Let us put it into perspective for you, because we don’t want to be associated with being opportunistic in our service offering. No, we as South Africans simply have to deal with the reality of the situation that is eating at our time to be productive when providing and caring for our families. So when we say we are bitter, it is sadly an understatement.

Loadshedding was announced in 2007 with an estimation that the problem would last for eight years in order for Eskom to rectify the issues they were facing. Fifteen years later and now with all credibility gone! Leaving us in a rut, and with the situation going from bad to worse in 2022 – the highest year of capacity loss yet. 

Breaching over 1000 hours of outages in 2021, and with the Winter at hand now in 2022, the unified call to join the energy revolution has reached deafening levels. This need not be our future – and Versofy has facilitated a tailor-made solution to pull the plug on load-shedding once and for all.

The Solution – Solar Systems

Ok, so what is Solar? 

By means of a photovoltaic reaction, and whilst using specialized equipment, the radiance (light and heat) of the sun is captured, converted and stored in batteries to be used as an alternative energy supply.

Solar Equipment – The Rock’n’Roll of Renewable Energy Production

  • Solar Panels are photovoltaic modules that generate a direct current of power.
  •  A Solar Inverter is a smart device that manages your electricity whilst converting the above-mentioned DC current into alternating current – AC. 
  • The AC current is then dispatched as needed from the solar batteries your inverter uses to store it. 
  • By means of a specialized solar installation, the entire system is set-up and wired, conveniently and safely, in accordance with all legislation and protocols.

How Much are Solar Panels?

A recent article by National Geographic examined the price of solar panels as part of an in depth study on the overall cost of solar energy. A complicated answer that, in a nutshell, boils down to the cost of silicone that is very high in quality and thus able to withstand the conditions of the sun for a very long time. 


With a fluctuating commodity price, the US Energy Information Administration had estimated that it is the most expensive form of energy there is. Approximately four times that of coal. Homeowners bear the brunt of the highest prices because they can’t buy in bulk like larger enterprises can. 

But “because this fuel is free”, they are the consumers saving in the long term due to much smaller electricity bills.

So, to put into a local context, the price of solar systems for homes in South Africa (at moderate estimates) ranges from between R63k and R200k, depending on the property size and the electricity output needed to sufficiently power it.

How to Install Solar Systems for Home Usage

Reaching out to Versofy via our subscription application form is the first step to determining your specific domestic energy needs comprehensively. This is something our team will investigate via an onboarding process that will ensure that you are financially qualified to partake, and includes a site-visit to take a critical look at your residential setup.

The complicated process with many moving parts that follows is of utmost importance, which is why we urge you to employ a verified team of professionals that won’t let you down. These matters of high national urgency see a lot of “solar providers” pop up overnight so it goes without saying that the last thing we want to do is quote you on mopping up the mess that they made.


We come with a solution that is tried and tested to work every time, and with some nifty plans to absolutely minimise the cost. Keep reading. 

Versofy SOLAR – Financing Your Options    

Solar systems for home and businesses are being installed everywhere around us. The market is high for renewable energy. However, schools, hospitals, office blocks and larger corporate entities are generally the type of enterprises that can afford this major capital expenditure when most people residentially simply can’t. 

But the unique selling proposition of Versofy is to finance you with a solar solution so that you can afford it too. Drastically reducing the barrier to entry. Making it possible for more people to enjoy its benefits at home. Renting to own in the long run.

Our blogs and articles will relay everything you need to know on your solar journey that, like anything else, starts with understanding it. This is where we unpack the stigmas, break the ice in our new relationship and shed light on a very relevant issue for us all.

Visit our website to view and apply for a solar subscription today!



No matter your electricity requirements. Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to a suitable solar power system you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the South African electricity grid.


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