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A SynSynk Solar Inverter Tailored to your Energy Needs

At Versofy Solar, we fully comprehend that converting your home’s energy source can seem a large and confusing undertaking to you with many detailed and expensive considerations that need to be made. This is why we are going to put your mind at ease and spill the beans right up front in this article about choosing the ideal SunSynk solar inverter for your new system:

You choose and apply for the solar package you can afford, and we then send in the specialized troops to recce your property, down to the last detail, in order to choose the best Inverter for you.

In one of our recent Blog articles, Which Solar Inverter Is Best, we did an in-depth comparison between popular inverter Brands within the industry and to identify our preferred partner based on the following criteria:

  1. Price
  2. Reliability
  3. Functionality
  4. Ease of Installation
  5. After-Sale Support 

Our analysis concluded that Sunsynk solar inverter yielded the best results in both their Hybrid Inverter delivery specs of either 5kw or 8kw. This follow-up article dives a little deeper in trying to match each of these capacities to your unique energy consumption needs. You may be pleasantly surprised by our findings.

synsynk solar inverter

Why Sunsynk Solar Inverter?

As the brains behind your new energy management system, a Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter comes with a range of ultra-dynamic features associated with its use. 

Key Product Features

  • Compatibility
  • Interactiveness
  • Configurational ability
  • Security
  • Premise application
  • Ability to communicate with our and your online monitoring platforms.

Below, you can see a diagram of how a commercial or industrial solar system (3-Phase 12kw) is laid out offering complete control, and up to 40kWh of solar power in the biggest of scenarios to cater for. We’ve included this here to show you how this Big Brother operates within such a setup, at maximum potential, fed into an existing power grid:

Choosing the Ideal Solar Inverter – Sunsynk 5kw or 8kw?

To cut to the chase, most residences can generally rely on either 5kw or 8kw variations when choosing the ideal solar inverter. This is based on the daily estimates that a property uses an average of 20kWh on 5kw Inverters and an average of 30kWh on an 8kw Inverter.

This power can adequately power appliances and applications such as –

Lights, Plugs, Garage Doors & Gates, a CCTV system, Electric Fence, Fridge, Internet Connection, Laptop, Television, Washing Machine and Pool Pump.

Comparing Your Residential Scenarios

Let’s break this down in a fun yet relatable context, and use the following scenarios (amongst thousands that we’ve serviced) as examples:

–       Jay “The One Man Show”
Works from Home, Single, Apartment, No Pool, Alarm System, Automatic Garage Door + Gate.

–       Dave “The Family Man”
Family of Four, Security Estate, Pool, Automatic Garage Door Only, 4 Bedrooms.

Upon first glance it’s a no brainer – Dave has a wife and two kids on a much bigger property than Jay so obviously needs an 8kw Inverter, whereas Jay should be able to live comfortably using a 5kw solar Inverter. But this is where our experience steps in to reveal otherwise.

The Right Inverters for the Right Load

An interview and site inspection into both Dave and Jay’s situations when choosing the ideal solar inverter ultimately reveals something different.

Delving into Dave’s Needs

Dave and his wife don’t work from home and the kids are at school all day. Weekends are packed with activities, everyone is always out and about, and the homestead really does not need to be powered to the brim at all times. The kids are still young and don’t own laptops or cellphones yet. Apart from the lights, a few plugs and enough power for the pool pump and fridge is sufficient for them in times of outages. 

The security complex is heavily fortified and should you get home with the power off, it really is no issue for Dave to use the key and open the garage door manually. Security is everywhere and the CCTV runs on a separate grid anyway so there is no house alarm system due to the centralised nature of the estate security.

The Solution

Based on his needs analysis, our installers recommend that Dave’s energy consumption needs could be met by taking up the Versofy GROW solar option, our entry level subscription model. Should his requirements evolve over time, the modular nature of our packages allows us to meet his future needs.  

Jacked-up Jay

Jay, we learn, is a content creator constantly working from home, with three digital audio interfaces and video edit suites running concurrently from his production suite. A proper WFH convert, meetings, rehearsals, shoots and recordings take place virtually any day of the week at his residence. People are coming and going non-stop as well – so the gates and garage (where the recording studio is) run on overtime too. Not to mention fresh coffee running on the boil to appease his clients. Meetings with clients mean constant hospitality, and a home-work environment requires a squeaky clean pad at all times.

Jay thus needs the security advantage of protecting his equipment and is not in a position (due to where he stays) to feel safe unlocking the house manually should he depart or arrive during a blackout. The alarm, gates, garage doors, CCTV and two additional studio fridges are a must to him in order to maintain his business output and safety.  

Meeting Jay’s Energy Consumption Needs

With Jay’s client deadlines and continuous workload, he simply cannot afford to be offline. After a thorough site inspection and needs analysis, we recommended the Versofy CHARGE solar option, powered by an 8kw Hybrid Inverter, as his go-to option. Because this hot-shot producer needs a serious bolt of energy to keep him at the top of his game. 

Our remote monitoring and reports also allow him to optimise his specific system, banking enough reserve power to meet any deadline, at a moments notice.  

Versofy SOLAR – Ensuring the Right Choice

Remember, it doesn’t need to feel like Calculus or Pythagoras all over again when choosing the ideal solar inverter.  You don’t need the electrical engineering degree to understand it and we won’t allow you to make choices in the dark anyway. Not when partnering with an experienced company at the top of their game who are committed to serving you with the most affordable, efficient and transparent solar energy solution possible.     

Book your Site Inspection today, or contact our team to shine rays of light on any query you may have. We can invert the way you live forever because what we are currently used to, plainly should not be so.

Like in the Lion King – no not “Everything the light touches is our kingdom”, rather “Follow Versofy, he knows the way!”



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