Which Hybrid Solar Inverter Do I Need for My Home?

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Which hybrid solar inverter do I need for my home and its energy needs? In this blog article, we aim to help you better understand exactly which hybrid inverter is best suited to your unique requirements.  

Hybrid delivers groundbreaking technology in your control that honours the best and worst-case scenarios. Summer, winter and even the current load-shedding dilemma in South Africa is a no-brainer to handle for these devices that balance your output to keep it stable whilst managing the energy stored in your solar batteries regardless of whether it is drawn from the panels or the national grid itself. 

These big boys light up the nation with the good news about their capabilities and offer better inverter options for people that need help understanding what a full-blown off-grid solar system (that sounds very romantic) would imply, financially and practically.      

In our previous article, we explored which solar inverter is best? With a 2023 refresh, this Blog closely examines what a hybrid solar inverter can do for your home’s power generation and why it’s so widely regarded to be in a class of its own.

The Function of a Hybrid Inverter during the Solar Process?

Imagine a hybrid solar inverter as the ultimate energy DJ at a renewable power party! It takes the bright, energetic beats from the sun and remixes them into usable electricity. When solar panels soak up the sun’s rays, they produce direct current (DC) power. But our DJ, the hybrid inverter, transforms that DC power into alternating current (AC) power, which we use for energy in our homes. It’s like converting the sun’s dance moves into a rhythm our electrical appliances can groove to.

We will always insist on a hybrid solar system solution when off-grid and on-grid solar debates flare up in the industry. So that answer can be taken off the bat. The same applies to SUNSYNK, our preferred hybrid inverters to source and install after we stress-tested all brands available to the max on your behalf. 

Broad advances in Cloud Computing have improved monitoring capabilities so that both of us, customer and supplier, can thus have real-time access to your system digitally, similar to how one would work with a Wi-Fi-enabled alarm or camera system.  

What is the Ideal Starter Inverter for a Small House?

With a 5kW hybrid solar inverter connected to a solar panel system, you can power essential appliances like refrigerators, lights, fans, computers, TVs, and charging stations for gadgets. On sunny days, the solar panels will generate enough electricity to meet most of your daytime energy needs. 

It’s a step up from the 3,5K standard inverters. Unfortunately, this system only powers essentials and will start screaming at you when you accidentally connect the vacuum cleaner to it. 

The Versofy SOLAR GROW subscription will get you in the game and do exactly what the name says – GROW with us.

A Busy Hybrid Solar Inverter for a Busy Family Home  

With an 8kw Sunsynk solar inverter, you will take your renewable energy party to the next level. The increased capacity can power essential appliances and additional energy-intensive devices. Appliances like; air conditioning units, water heaters, vehicle chargers, and even some power-hungry appliances like ovens or washing machines. The 8kW system allows the Green Dream Family to harness more solar energy, making their home even more self-sufficient and reducing their reliance on the grid. 

The Versofy SOLAR CHARGE subscription will pump up your energy output like a gym would your body. Exactly what the name says – CHARGE for a better and more sustainable renewable future.

High-Powered Solar Inverters For Larger Homes and All Appliances.

This is the energy extravaganza of all! It’s like Ibiza when you opt for a 12kW 3-phase hybrid solar inverter with a more considerable solar panel outlay. Call it the all-inclusive package if you like!

With this robust setup, You’ll be cranking up your residential solar energy. The Sunsynk 12kW hybrid inverter can power all the appliances we mentioned earlier. And then some. This is because additional energy-intensive equipment like a hot tub, a home gym with treadmills, or even a small home office with multiple computers and printers is now possible. 

The big daddy that comes in three-phase is the Versofy SOLAR PLUS subscription. A PLUS-sized setup for a PLUS-sized residence with every benefit we’ve divulged thus far. PLUS more. 

Versofy SOLAR – The Hybrids Are Here

It’s like an episode of Sweet Tooth on Netflix – the hybrids are everywhere! Hybrid solar inverters are here to stay and are your best bet against the rising stages of load-shedding danger throughout the icy season.

Versofy SOLAR provides reliable, all-in-one solar subscription packages that you can check if you qualify for right now. And even if you don’t qualify, a solar-as-a-service (SAAS rental solution) could still get you the output you need, with some terms changing regarding the eventual ownership of your solar rental over time.  

We’re one of SA’s most trusted residential solar providers. Why? Because you get peace of mind (as opposed to giving someone a piece of it) that you’re getting the best technology installed in your home. Plus, our After-Sales Support (and 4.8 Star Google Reviews) ensures that should you have any problems with your hardware, we handle the maintenance for you. It’s simply the best solar deal there is. 

Read about the components of solar system here

Partner with Versofy SOLAR today! 



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