Considering Solar Energy? Do These Things First

If it could take only 1% of the Sahara to harness enough solar energy to power the world’s total energy consumption, then considering solar is a commendable decision. Bearing in mind solar is the best and cleanest source of renewable energy.

You are making a prudent move choosing to go solar. With the cost of solar from reputable solar installers in South Africa becoming ever more affordable. It’s beneficial to optimize your electricity consumption to reap all benefits of solar energy. As you join other South Africans moving on to green energy, here are a couple of easy-to-adopt tips to get your started.

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Switch To LED Lightbulbs
Convert To Gas or Induction Stoves
Inverter Air Conditioners
Appropriate Ceiling Insulation
Install Timers On Geysers

1. Switch To LED Lightbulbs For Solar Energy

LED lightbulbs cost a little more than incandescent bulbs. However, as you will discover in a moment, they are worth the cost.

Why Switch To Led Lightbulbs

a. LED Bulbs Consume Less Energy

Unlike incandescent bulbs that use only 10% of the energy consumed for lighting and waste the rest as heat, LEDs can convert up to 95% of the energy they consume into lighting. Meaning minimal energy losses.

b. LEDs Last Longer And Can Save Your Replacement Costs

The initial cost of purchasing LEDs can be high, especially if you need a significant number of replacements. The good news is, you can do the replacements at your convenience without much stress. As the demand for LEDs keeps rising, you don’t have to fall victim to hiked prices and counterfeit LEDs. Get in touch with legit South African Suppliers and get a variety of quality LEDs at the right prices.

Acquiring LEDs can also save you from frequently replacing incandescent bulbs prone to blowing due to overheating.

c. Save On Electricity Bills

You can also drastically save on electricity bills by getting a cut on the lighting energy consumption. LEDs cut lighting costs by about 80%. As you replace each light bulb with an LED bulb, you will notice a visible reduction on your energy bill.

d. Flexibility With Lighting Direction

The directional ability of LEDs makes it easier to focus their light on the place they are needed most. On the contrary, incandescent bulbs make it difficult to focus their light because they are omnidirectional and therefore, less effective.

e. LEDs Are Environmentally Friendly

The bulbs are mercury-free and this makes them safe for the environment. They also minimize energy wastage in the form of heat by converting up to 95% of the energy consumed into light. LEDs also minimize carbon production in comparison to using incandescent lighting bulbs.

2. Convert To Gas Or Induction Stoves

Nowadays, induction stoves are very common. As a scientific report affirms, they are safe and highly efficient. As you think about solar energy, you can consider a solar-powered induction stove. Although induction cooking is quite new technology, its popularity is rising day by day. Induction stoves are clean with high-performance standards making them ideal for your domestic appliances.

Induction stoves and efficiency: Most energy is usually lost between the coil and the pan. Implying that it can take you more time and energy to do your cooking. However, the transmission of energy between the coil and pan for induction stoves is higher because of an over 80% transfer of the magnetic field created between the pan and the coil. You will warm your food faster and save on energy consumption.

Benefits Of A Solar-Powered Induction Cooker

  • It is suitable for steel utensils you use in your kitchen.
  • It brings flexibility in controlling temperatures.
  • Forget shock hazards when you are using cooking pans.
  • The power output is constant, therefore reliable.
  • Its higher performance brings you an efficiency that lowers electricity bills.

3. Inverter Air Conditioners For Solar Energy

Air conditioners consume significant amounts of energy in the home. This could be the reason for recurring high energy costs when you have a connection to the national grid. However, you can lower the costs by using a solar-powered inverter. Inverter air conditioners regulate the functioning of cooling systems. Since they affect your energy bills you should go for an efficient inverter to use with your solar energy system. Inverters regulate the operations of an air conditioners compressor. Using solar-powered air conditioners reduces the pressure put on compressors, reducing the quantity of amps the system consumes. The conditioner has power output fluctuations depending on the environment, hence adequately regulating room temperature. Such variations yield better home dehumidification and help you save on electricity bills.

4. Having proper ceiling insulation

Homes without insulated ceilings pay higher energy bills than those with insulated ceilings. Cooling needs depend on the state of insulation in the home. When the house is too hot, the cooling system demands more energy to leverage cooling and when the house is too cold, the cooling system demands more energy to generate heat. Insulate your home to make your solar heating and cooling system more efficient – it helps prevent cold air from flowing into your home through the walls and ceiling. When the environment is hot, it keeps the air inside the house cool.

You can consider reflective foil insulation or bulk insulation. For reflective foil insulation – thermal insulation, you mount it on the surfaces. It slows heat flow by minimizing radiant heat. You install bulk insulation on the ceilings and walls. It conducts heat poorly hence its ability to maintain a uniform temperature in the house.

Solar panels on Roof - Image by Solar Focus
Solar panels on Roof – Image by Solar Focus

5. Timers on geysers

Geyser timers keep geysers off when power consumption demand is at the peak. They regulate the frequency of your geysers heating water. It works best when you have routine hot water needs. You can heat water about three hours before the actual time of using the water. The timer can then switch off the geyser and you can use the hot water. Geyser timers can save you from high energy bills by switching off your geysers when the demand for electricity is high on the national grid.

Wrapping It Up

The economical cost of solar makes green energy a go-to power alternative. The costs from the national grid can be high especially when you use electricity for air conditioning systems and geysers. As you contemplate getting on solar power, you can optimize your power consumption with some tips. Switch to LED light bulbs, get an induction stove, equip your cooling system with an inverter air conditioner, keep your home temperature in check with ceiling insulation, and install timers on your geysers.

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No matter your electricity requirements. Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to a suitable solar power system you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the South African electricity grid.


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