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How to get a better solar system quote

Solar Panel installation – Here’s how to get a better solar system quote Switching to solar is a huge step toward making your home or business energy independent. You’ll also be saving money on your Eskom bill and doing your bit to make the planet more sustainable.  The solar panel…

Solar Panel installation – Here’s how to get a better solar system quote

Switching to solar is a huge step toward making your home or business energy independent. You’ll also be saving money on your Eskom bill and doing your bit to make the planet more sustainable. 

The solar panel installation solutions we offer make it easier to opt for sustainable electricity than ever before. If you’re a first-time customer, we would love the opportunity to outline how to get a better solar system quote. So that you know exactly what to expect at each stage of the process. 

Here are the easy steps you’ll need to take to get a more accurate solar panel estimate. 

Answer some simple questions about your home

Step 1:

Before we sign you up as a customer, we’ll need to know a few basic details which will help us to better serve your needs. When you request your solar panel quote, we’ll ask you to enter the following details:

  • Full name 
  • Phone number 
  • Email address 
  • Street address 
What’s your average monthly electricity bill? 

In order for us to better understand your electricity requirements. We’ll ask you to tell us how much you spend on Eskom Power in an average month. 

Our quote generator invites you to upload a summer and a winter utility bill which will enable us to give you a more accurate solution illustrating your monthly and annual savings.

What solar power system suits your needs?

We offer several solar power solutions to meet the requirements of different households. During the quotation process we’ll ask you to select one of the packages below:

  • Versofy GROW – starting from R2 200/month. This solar panel setup is suitable for homes with monthly power bills of between R2 000-R3 000 per month.
  • Versofy CHARGE – starting from R3 300/ month. This option is ideal for medium sized households with Eskom bills of R3 000 – R4 000.
  • Versofy PLUS – from R3 700/ month. An ideal option for heavy power users with monthly electricity expenses of R4 000 or more.
  • Custom Quote – we understand that each household is unique, maybe you already have an existing system, or you looking to do something weird and wonderful…don’t worry, we are completely flexible when it comes to meeting your unique needs. Get in touch with us and we will happily assess your needs and design the perfect bespoke system for you.

Step 2: Site Visit

Once we have assessed your basic requirements, we will need to do a site visit in order to better determine and size the best solar panel system for your home.

Step 4:

With the details mentioned above in hand, you’ll be ready to proceed with your solar rental quotation. The online form is similar to ones you may have filled in before for various types of credit applications.

Is there a minimum income requirement?

When you go through the solar panel quotation process for a rental system, you may notice that our online form will ask you to confirm that your monthly salary needs to be a minimum of R40 000 a month.

Since we provide solar rental packages to homes and businesses of different sizes, we are required to carry out affordability assessments on prospective customers. If your monthly household income is less than R40 000 We may not be able to offer you our full range of solar solutions.

Is your property single or three phase?

Single phase and three-phase electrical wiring each have their own requirements when it comes to solar installations. When you request your quotation, please indicate which of these systems is currently installed on your premises so that we can suggest a system that’s compatible with your electrical wiring.

Single phase power is used for a small load and is commonly found in homes and some small businesses. Three phase is more consistent and reliable and is usually installed in factories and light manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing and industrial sites often use three phases due to their heavy power consumption.

Your Roof type

Different types of roofing require specific installation techniques in order to secure the solar panels safely to your structure without damaging it.

You’ll be asked to select the type of roof you have when you request a quote. It’s important to note that installation costs may vary according to roof type due to the amount of labour and materials involved in the job.

When contractors install solar panels on a roof, their methods differ depending on whether slate, shingle, tile or concrete is used. It’s not advisable to drill directly into the roof material itself, so a variety of installation techniques are used to mount the panels against the roof. This avoids damage to both the solar panel and your roof structure.

Installing solar panels on a thatched roof can be challenging. However, houses with sections of thatched roof combined with other roofing materials or the use of an A-frame you may still be able to switch to solar power with a special installation.

Get your free solar system quote today!

Now that you know what’s involved in the process, you can request your free quote for a solar power solution from Versofy right away. Simply enter the information covered in the sections above and you’ll have your estimate in no time. 

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