Hybrid Solar System – Combine the Best of Both (Energy) Worlds

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Solar Panels, Battery, Inverter

Not everyone is aware of what a hybrid solar system is, which brands pioneer this approach to solar energy, and how these solar inverters differ from off-grid or grid-tied solar systems. It gets techy sometimes, but that should not scare off customers. Which is why we hope this laymen’s explanation will help.  

At Versofy we proudly endorse and supply Sunsynk hybrid inverters as our weapon of choice. “Hybrid” – a term that defines mixed character; thus composed of different elements. It brings the best of both worlds together to provide a solution that relies on more than one source of power. Like electric batteries in conjunction with fuel used in hybrid cars for example.

In this instance, it will be solar batteries, in conjunction with the national grid from Eskom, that will switch your home to solar most efficiently, effectively and affordably. Not off-grid solar nor grid-tied solar which may sound picturesque, but would not be the ideal residential solar energy solution to deploy. 

Let’s explain why.    

A Hybrid Solar System is a Smart Solution

Our hybrid inverter units keep you connected with an intelligently-managed system that consumes minimal power when you need it, plus can feed back excess energy into the national energy grid.

These units are hybrids. Which means, they intelligently and seamlessly switch to a power source or storage location to never leave you in the dark when outages occur.

This feature is standard across all our complete solar kits installed alongside SunSynk hybrid inverters at Versofy.

Why Sunsynk?

Sunsynk is the top performer in its price category. No surprise here, Sunsynk offers one of the most cost-effective inverters on the market. It has features that rivals the best. Tested and compared to these rivals, Sunsynk won across our criteria that was set out as follows:

  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Functionality
  • Ease of Installation
  • After-Sale Support 

In terms of performance and monitoring capabilities, Sunsynk further held the baton for criteria that included:

  • Compatibility
  • Interactiveness
  • Configurational ability
  • Security
  • Premise application
  • Ability to communicate in 4.0

The Sunsynk Connect app is a game changer that is developed to help you get the most out of your hybrid solar system inverter. It’s tailored for complete control and offers customers as well as installers different levels to operate it from. From wherever in the world you may be – these modes are set to remotely ensure that your system runs optimally at all times and that it is programmed correctly:  

  • New User
  • Installer
  • Approved Installer
  • Advanced User

To see this study in-depth, visit our recent Blog on the best Solar inverters in the market.

Off-Grid Solar vs A Hybrid Solar System

Off-grid solar means that your home solar system operates independently from your energy supplier.

Off-grid housing in South Africa generally applies to remote areas with very limited access to power lines. Out on a far-off location nestled in the bush, mountain, desert or seaside. Cabins and lighthouses also come to mind. 

But since all energy is now stored in expensive auxiliary battery packs on site, which require management, maintenance and monitoring, the cost of these solar systems are proportionately higher.

Off-grid solar gives you complete independence from the Eskom and relieves any worries about sudden increases or dreaded rolling blackouts. But there is a tradeoff however, in having no access to the grid (unlike a hybrid solar system). Meaning that if something goes wrong with your system, you will be left in the dark (literally) until such time as the system is restored – by yourself or your installer.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Going 180 degrees in the other direction, grid-tied solar systems prove to logically provide the friendliest solar solution. But a pitfall within our current load-shedding situation in South Africa, is grid-tied solar’s serious drawback of being supplied with no batteries included whatsoever. Rendering them less than ideal as a cheaper alternative to expensive off-grid solar systems.

These grid-tied solar systems will thus not provide power in times of outages or poor weather. They could bring the Eskom bill down, but not beat the blackouts. These units only supplement energy and are a better solution for trading companies with peak trading hours, for example. 

Hybrid Solar and Versofy – A Knockout Combination

What makes a hybrid solar system so powerful, is its key ability to not only manage your power flexibly, but to also feed your surplus renewable energy raised back into the grid. Alleviating it for other South Africans, like we alleviate the barrier to entry. Backed by a range of solar finance solutions and affordable plans, Versofy can offer you the best of both (energy) worlds today, through the following plans and payment options.

Rent-to-Own Solar systems, with standard subscriptions for the size of any residential setup:

  •  R3499pm (Versofy GROW) – 5kW Hybrid Inverter 
  •  R4799pm (Versofy CHARGE) – 8kW Hybrid Inverter
  •  R5699pm (Versofy PLUS) – 12kW Hybrid Inverter.

Renting exclusively, Solar as a Service (SaaS) customers can start their solar journeys for even less:

  •  R1999pm (Versofy GROW) – 5kW Hybrid Inverter 
  •  R2999pm (Versofy CHARGE) – 8kW Hybrid Inverter 
  •  R3599pm (Versofy PLUS) – 12 kW Hybrid Inverter.

The option of renting is a lucrative proposition that we’ve put together. Let’s face it, large stacks of cash are hardly ever lying around, and a bond is not something we want you to use and extend just because you need consistent power. With all-in-one rental packages that start from as little as they do – your sustainable energy future could be sunny with blue skies to match. Free from Eskom’s schedule and free from hiked energy tariffs. Powered by a market-leading hybrid solar system, and a team that’s got your back throughout your journey with us.

Join the energy revolution by switching to Versofy Solar today!



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