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by | Oct 31, 2022 | Battery

Called for by President Ramaphosa himself, in his recent alternative energy plan for South Africa – Solar Energy was highlighted in his speech as something that all South Africans can, and should consider procuring, to aid in the struggle with Eskom and the frequent load shedding we continue to be subjected to. This is optimistic news coming from the Union buildings, and we can only speculate that this bright spark idea is being powered by solar batteries!

Lots of promises have been outlined to the nation. And whether or not Rama is buttering us all up or not – the fact remains that SA vs ESKOM continues to be played out, either through the depths of successive cold winters or through the shock of higher-stage load shedding. With common sense finally prevailing, the highest leadership structures have had no choice but to address it directly, and intervene. 

But Red Tape is not what complicates matters for solar solution providers. Make no mistake – the call to arms (and greener fingers) from the government itself, aids both the wider distribution and lowering of solar cost everywhere and certainly elates us all. It really is an energy revolutionary’s dream, but the Russian Conflict is what partially clouds the secure provision of solar-related stock globally, for now. 

Addressing current Shortages in Solar Batteries for Homes and Businesses

Europe’s reliance on gas, heavily imported from Russia, creates a situation where solar panels, solar batteries, and systems at large have now become a more reliant and cost-effective method to keep the lights on. The shortages in supply that occur due to this spike in demand are good news for the market and for renewable energy in general, but challenging for the immediate consumer. 

Versofy Solar, however, would like to reiterate how important the act of connecting new customers to solar energy is to us. We will continue to go to all lengths necessary in order to serve you with stock and installation as soon as humanly possible. 

Why You Need a Solar Battery Charger

Living off-grid or via a hybrid solar system requires the use of a solar battery charger that stores energy generated by the sun during daylight hours and converts it into usable electricity at night. Or in downtimes by means of loadshedding that occurs far too often for anyone’s liking. 

But the fact is that you don’t only need solar battery charging to remove your dependence on the national grid. You need a system, a solar subscriptions package, and aftercare – where batteries ARE included and each item is NOT sold separately. But most importantly, SA homeowners and businesses require all-in-one solar solutions that closely align to their current electricity bills, with a quick turnaround (think one-day credit approval) and an expertly-managed switch-on!


Solar Batteries and Inverters

Harnessing the power of sunlight is an intricate process that starts with the panels installed on your roof that stores solar energy in  DC current for use in durable solar batteries. 

A solar inverter is the catalyst that will smartly manage your system and be required in either way, with or without solar panels on your property as it converts the stored DC power into AC current which is used in the household. It will keep your usage transparent for everyone involved to see, and make informed decisions. It will also ensure that your solar batteries receive the correct current to charge, store and expend your generated energy optimally.   

Read about Versofy Prime here  

Buying Tips for Solar Batteries

If you are interested in renting to own a solar system, with so many sophisticated moving parts, we do not advise going solo. Nor do we advise that you invest in solar batteries alone. They play too big a part in the overall system to consume and manage individually. Look at the complete picture and seek the assistance of our experts to:

  • Guide you and get you connected through experience and expertise 
  • Help you in determining how much power you need for your installation
  • Install the correct battery banks in the correct unobscured place
  • Secure your solar batteries correctly
  • Assist with the ongoing maintenance of solar systems, as and when required 
  • Inspect solar batteries and your system under contract
  • Replace, if necessary, without future call-out fees
  • Avoid severe over-spending on something you may have not even needed in the first place 

Versofy – Solar Batteries and All-in-One Subscriptions for Homes

The three Rent to Own Solar Systems subscription packages that we focus on, and offer to all qualifying households  are the Versofy Grow, Charge, and Plus subscription packages.  Each package comes with unique Lithium ion solar battery banks serving either 5kw/h (Grow) or 10 kw/h (Charge & Plus) outputs, but with Sunsynk solar inverters of different capacities to efficiently generate and manage your consumption.  

With current shortages, finding a reputable dealer and an accredited line of solar batteries for home or business in stock can be somewhat more complicated. The fact remains, that it’s not a car battery that any maintenance place can quickly issue you with. You need the real McCoy that is sourced and intended to serve you beyond their applicable warranties. 

With Versofy, you can avoid steep bank interest rates, through subscription based solar financing and a market leading solar system which you take lifelong ownership of, once the rent-to-own plan has been completed. 

Visit our website to view and apply for an all-inclusive solar subscription today!



No matter your electricity requirements. Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to a suitable solar power system you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the South African electricity grid.


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