The Ultimate Solar Power System for 3 Bedroom House

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Solar, Battery, Inverter

With a Versofy solar solution,  you don’t just save money, you pay less and less of it as you use more and more of your own generated energy. And once the system is paid off – for the cost of one additional month’s rent – the ultimate solar power system for your 3 bedroom house is yours!

As South Africans, we are blessed with lots of sunshine throughout the year. Throughout winter times too, which enables even an entry-level solar package like Versofy GROW  to sufficiently meet the basic energy needs of a 3-bedroom house. As a customer, you will have access to clean and renewable energy 24 hours a day.   

You’ll be keeping your batteries charged to the max and drawing from the sky directly when you purchase a solar solution. Plugged into the sun – the investment cost is certainly worth it and not something to deter you from experiencing its lifestyle proposition. This is why you should definitely consider using a solar power system for your 3 bedroom house as part of your home’s electrical supply. 

On-Grid Solar Power for a 3 Bedroom Residence 

The cost of installing a solar power system is much lower than the traditional methods of generating electricity considering the current prices of diesel and petrol generators. Installing said generators are also what requires capital for an electrician to feed the new supply into your existing DB board. This means labour and that grudge labour service usually has a hefty invoice attached to it.

So scrap that and forget about the generators – at our current fuel price you’d have to be a gazillionaire to keep it running anyway. Guzzling liters of fuel like a V8 engine in a matter of minutes – “no one has the capital for it at around 23 rands per litre (and rising)”.     

Signing up with Versofy through one of our competitive solar subscription packages will save you money with minimal installation fees and included maintenance services. No professional installer’s invoice and no questions asked should anything go wrong. Your Sunsynk Solar Inverter’s Wi-Fi capabilities, alongside our expert team, keep a watchful eye over practically every element of your solar installation and performance. The cloud software informs us directly if any issues arise on your side and monitor the output of your solar system at all times as it updates itself.   

Securing, Protecting, and Reducing 

With Versofy you are not only securing a Solar Power System for 3 Bedroom House against Eskom price hikes, load-shedding, or strikes. You are also reducing your:

  • carbon footprint.
  • dependence on fossil fuels.
  • impact on global warming. 
  • contribution to air pollution.
  • dependency on imported fuel (Russia).
  • reliance on a volatile exchange rate to be able to stick to your energy budget.

A solar power system for 3 bedroom house is not just a smart financial decision – it also relieves your 3 bedroom household of the stress of external and environmental factors which can wreak havoc on everyday life.

The Beef Is In The Batteries of your Solar Power System

A basic solar system comes with enough output to power several lights and household appliances in times of outages. But these batteries at a standard package will require larger backup batteries for heavy-duty appliances such as geysers and stoves to function as well.

This is why the Versofy recommendation is to pay it forward slightly to enjoy the maximum advantage that the technology brings. A solar power system is an investment that pays off over time. But you have the authority to shorten the initial rent-to-own solar finance term by including a deposit into your agreement with us. This route is what will get you to experience Solar Parity faster plus reduce your monthly costs with us greatly.

The Versofy Ideal Setup Recommendation for 3 bedroom homes

Versofy CHARGE is a solar power system package that will guarantee a maximum energy supply for homes from three and up to five bedrooms. It’s no coincidence that it is our most popular subscription package option, catering adequately to the needs of SA households. The extra panel punch, alongside an additional battery pack or two, will provide complete peace of mind, even in the higher stages of load shedding Eskom is bound to submit us to, all too soon. The Versofy Charge package ensures that your home is equipped with the capacity to generate up to 27 Kw/h per day of solar energy and power all the bells and whistles. Should you live in a smaller dwelling and not require power for items such as pool pumps, the Versofy Grow package should me able to meet your requirements.

Further Reduce your Monthly Solar Power System Costs with a Deposit

Perhaps you have set aside a lump sum to invest in a solar solution but have been enticed by the attractive rent-to-own solar subscription? Through Versofy, you can convert this into an upfront deposit which, in effect, will lower your monthly subscription costs. With a deposit of just R20,000, you can slice the savings off your monthly package cost, while getting almost immediate access to premium solar solutions, professionally installed at your property.

For illustrative purposes, here is what you can potentially save, each month, by signing up with Versofy and adding a lump sum investment.

We also facilitate deposits for our GROW and PLUS package options. Contact our Team to find out how much you can save, by putting in a little extra when switching. 

Solar and the 3 Bedroom House Family Scenario 

By following the suggested setup recommendation – a couple, two tots, and a teenager can enjoy the benefits of the Versofy promise by still being able to enjoy the following, when load shedding strikes all around you;  

  • The teenager can do homework or play games on the PC.
  • Everyone has access to lights around the residence.
  • The gate motors and garage doors function for people entering or exiting your property.
  • A television and PlayStation continue to entertain the tots.
  • All general kitchen appliances work, so as not to interrupt dinner or evening relaxation times.
  • Freezers and refrigerators stay powered without thawing out precious food. 

Sounds like the power’s not out at all, doesn’t it? Keen to let the whole family in on the secret – learn more through our article on how much energy will my solar system produce?

Switch to Solar with Versofy

The fact is that the days of relying on the grid alone are done. People want autonomy now, in every sense of the word and from every industry. The right to choose, free from monopolies, and quite frankly to do it ourselves.

It is time for families to take ownership of our energy solutions. Now more than ever the desire to rely on ourselves is more tangibly felt than ever before. At Versofy we see it in the search trends as more and more South African households no longer view solar power as an expensive luxury, but as a growing necessity. One that Versofy is committed to making affordable through an alternative solar finance solution, tailored to different household sizes and consumptions. 

Dear Eskom, it’s 2022 and we are sorry to say it is over between us. We would love to say it’s us not you but in this case, it’s ALL on you. While you figure out the red tape that will rectify our grid, we have to step in to offer an alternative that won’t break the bank for long-suffering South Africans, who need to see the light in these challenging times. 

Visit our website and fill in our simple application form to see if you qualify & book a site visit today. We know the big chiefs at Eskom are looking too by now. 



No matter your electricity requirements. Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to a suitable solar power system you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the South African electricity grid.


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