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JET Plan: Fueling a Brighter Energy Future

The Presidency, the Climate Commission and Eskom all met, in early 2020, to come up with an emerging energy plan. Making waves and highly relevant in these challenging times, the idea that was born has all eyes fixed on it to see how it unfolds and materialises. That grand, ambitious…

The Presidency, the Climate Commission and Eskom all met, in early 2020, to come up with an emerging energy plan. Making waves and highly relevant in these challenging times, the idea that was born has all eyes fixed on it to see how it unfolds and materialises. That grand, ambitious plan now making headlines is the Just Energy Transition plan. In this article, Versofy SOLAR explores and decodes this multi-faceted project for the benefit of ordinary South Africans.

The Core Pillars of the Just Energy Transition Plan (JET)

So what is JET? It is a new energy policy framework with the aim of transitioning South Africa from a fossil-fuel-reliance towards a more sustainable and just energy future. The calculated plan addresses the challenges of climate change, energy poverty, and economic development.

In short, the JET plan has three pillars: Energy Security, Social Equity, and a Just Transition. 

The implications for the energy sector are massive and challenging because it reframes the entire understanding of where energy comes from and what is required to keep a provider running for all. These mega-scale initiatives are given funding from privately-owned entities which Eskom will allow and also pledges to separate all renewable “green” businesses from coal businesses. 

But what does this plan mean for you and the immediate alleviation around load shedding? Let’s take a look a what the pillars of the JET plan entail.

  1. Energy Security

Under the Energy Security pillar, the JET aims to increase South Africa’s energy mix by incorporating more renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. This is expected to improve energy security and reduce reliance on fossil fuels, with the goal of reaching “Net-Zero” carbon emissions by 2050. “Net Zero” refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) that’s produced and the amount that’s removed from the atmosphere.

  1. Social Equity

Under the Social Equity pillar, the JET plan aims to increase access to affordable and clean energy for all South Africans. This includes; expanding access to electricity in rural and remote areas, promoting energy efficiency, and supporting the development of small-scale renewable energy projects.

  1. A Just Transition

The Just Transition pillar focuses on ensuring that the transition to a low-carbon economy is fair and inclusive, particularly for workers in the fossil fuel industry who may be impacted by the shift to renewable energy sources. The Just Energy Transition plan also aims to support workers through re-skilling and training programs, as well as through the creation of new job opportunities in the renewable energy sector.


Taking the spark away from Fossil Fuels

The move away from fossil fuels is an important one and focuses on gradually removing elements that we and the environment can no longer stand:

  • Air and Waste in Terms of Pollution
  • A Negative Contribution to Climate Change
  • High Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Lung Disease and Deteriorating Overall Health

Where does Natural Gas stand, in the Plan?

As per Eskom’s website, they plan to increase gas supply, wind and solar production while repowering a very old coal fleet. Gas is a natural product and not preferred as a backup when we hope to run off renewables exclusively. However, it does alleviate the cost of a frantic burning of Diesel (and is less damaging) when crippling power stations regrettably fail.   

Burying the Fossil

Fossil fuels are frighteningly expensive to burn for energy but have been the cheapest option since renewables kicked the energy market’s door in. It serves us in no beneficial way in the long run. By gradually burying it completely, time is afforded to train for the future and the current energy sector to limit occupational loss.

The Just Energy Transition Plan is a significant step forward in South Africa’s efforts to address climate change and promote sustainable development. However, the implementation of the plan will require significant investments in infrastructure, as well as political and social support from all sectors of society. Only time (and a lot of public-private cooperation) will tell if this ambitious plan will take us collectively into a greener and more equitable energy future!


An Ode to Innovation in Energy Generation

There was a time when we communicated via landline because it was all we knew how to do. The same applies to cars without power steering or ABS. Just think of what cloud technology has meant for us. And it all started with people embracing a “new” way of life and work. Almost like the 4-day work week.

The winds of change come for a needed reason. Because we learn from our successes and also from our failures. Better, smoother, safer, cheaper and cleaner! This combo that the renewables at Versofy SOLAR pull surely packs a punch. 

What we offer South African households;

  • Rent to Own Solar Systems in one manageable, monthly plan
  • Solar-as-a-Service plans to release you from the shackles of Eskom
  • A hybrid solar system setup to allow you to switch between your solar system and the grid, if needs be, for those long, cloudy days!
  • Solar energy monitoring and optimisation, courtesy of our intuitive Versofy App
  • World-Class Solar Service, and ongoing Aftersales Support, throughout your journey with us.

Versofy – YOUR Transitional Energy Plan. Implemented Today

The initiatives outlined in the Just Energy Transition plan are encouraging, and the holistic move is welcomed. However, it will still take lots and lots of time to turn promises into action. Not helping the current and crippling situation of load shedding in South Africa.

The Versofy SOLAR proposition is to enable a solar subscriptions model that can kickstart your residential energy transition plan for way less than going all in with cash or a bond from the bank. Affording you options, output, and a chance to earn from it with new solar panel incentives also in the implementation process. 

You could wait until 2030 for this ambitious climate plan to materialise. Or you can hatch your energy revolution today with Versofy SOLAR as your all-in-one residential solar provider! Which one will it be?

Jump, leap, side-step and switch your way to the bigger plan at hand with Versofy Solar today!

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