Solar Subscriptions: Affordable Sun Connection

by | May 3, 2023 | finance

All-in-one, Solar Subscriptions are the biggest USP that Versofy SOLAR has to offer South African households. We set out to create alternative solar financing models that are affordable, personalised and simplified. It is a mission that we will continue to offer and improve upon, from each sunrise to sunset.

Switching to a solar system for your home does not have to entail buying it outright anymore, not by a long shot. The emerging trend to offer solar as a financed plan has certainly caught on with a combination of banks and private businesses offering South African’s a pathway to residential solar energy.

But the Versofy SOLAR difference, is that we adopt the hybrid solar system setup (including market leading SunSynk Hybrid inverters) for the most practical investigated reasons, while value-added line items are all included in our payment plans. No add-ons or funny business. Our aftercare and ongoing, professional support is beyond thorough, packing a serious power punch for the entire duration of your customer journey with us.

Just like solar power systems themselves, our residential solar subscriptions are clean and reliable at all times. The upfront cost of a complete solar installation has always been a barrier to entry, but our continuous efforts have allowed a growing number of South African households to reap the rewards of clean, green energy, through manageable monthly payments.  

Adding Solar to Your Home Loan. A Viable Financing Route?

Yes! Solar financing through the bank is possible, but bonding your solar installation will be subject to fluctuating interest rates that we rather try keep out of the picture for you. This lump sum of capital you might have access to should be kept for emergencies only. It’s nothing against the bank. But right now, it’s about having power, without exhausting your credit options in these times where many things aren’t exactly running very smoothly!

Sourcing the Right Solar Subscriptions

Solar subscriptions are everywhere and almost always get people fixated at prices when the Google Ads start popping up. But there are other vital factors to consider when sourcing a solar payment subscription that often makes the biggest difference in the long run, which include;

  • Quality of hardware installed, 
  • Professional support,
  • Real-time usage monitoring,
  • Exceptional customer care,
  • Scalable package options.

Versofy SOLAR Subscription Services

At Versofy SOLAR, we have pricing packages for a wide range of budgets and energy generation needs. 

Beyond the flagship Rent-to-Own solar system offer, Solar as a Service (SaaS) aligns your monthly solar subscriptions to your current electricity bills as well. Just not to own in this case, but to rent indefinitely. The pairing of premium products with ongoing support capabilities for both Rent-to-own as well as SaaS packages, is a dynamic combination. 

Rent-to-Own Solar Subscription Plan 

The payments for these systems are made by the homeowner that is typically structured to cover the cost of the solar hardware, installation, and ongoing professional support over a fixed period of time (currently fixed at 60 months for our customers). At the end of this term, the homeowner can take up the option to purchase the solar panel system outright.

Rent-to-own solar system arrangements can be beneficial for homeowners who want to switch to solar power but do not have the upfront capital to purchase and install a solar panel system. 

However, it is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any rent-to-own solar agreement, as some companies may have hidden fees or restrictions that could limit the benefits of the arrangement.

The Versofy SOLAR agreement is transparent and the qualification process pretty much exactly brings you up to speed of what you are in for financially, and fairly, with all legal regulations applied. 

A Solar-as-a-service (SaaS) Subscription

Often a property does not belong to a person that desperately needs a residential solar solution for their home and that is where our Solar as a Service (SaaS) payment option steps in. The same applies to homeowners that wish to test the waters of solar for the home at the lowest possible price. With a shorter contract term, this exclusive rental agreement of 36 months enables users to stay supported and monitored whilst having immediate access to renewable energy. 

Once a customer reaches the end of their SaaS contract with us, you have the option to extend the contract, or consider another of our payment options to stay connected to the sun, for all your energy needs.

Versofy SOLAR – The Five Steps to Solar

Getting ready with solar subscriptions is a smooth transitional experience with Versofy SOLAR. Five Steps and your Eskom worries are over. 

“Get back to where you once belonged” as ‘The Beatles’ said it best. Here’s how you can switch to solar today.

  • STEP 1 – Complete the online contact form via the link:
  • STEP 2 – Our team will get in touch to chat through our solar solutions and help you find the right plan.
  • STEP 3 – We conduct a site visit to finalise the design details and package for your property.
  • STEP 4 – You sign and submit your contract while we arrange an installation date.
  • STEP 5 – An installation team is dispatched to your residence to connect you to the sun. 

Subscribe today to join the energy revolution, and benefit from an All-in-One Solar Subscription that guarantees energy certainty.



No matter your electricity requirements. Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to a suitable solar power system you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the South African electricity grid.


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