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Switch to Solar Unlock Long-Term Savings

To unlock significant savings is a great perk (besides from having stable power) when you switch to solar and rely less on the national electricity grid. The use of solar systems for homes and businesses have skyrocketed. The demand for renewable energy is higher than ever and with Stage 6…

To unlock significant savings is a great perk (besides from having stable power) when you switch to solar and rely less on the national electricity grid.

The use of solar systems for homes and businesses have skyrocketed. The demand for renewable energy is higher than ever and with Stage 6 load shedding rearing it’s head every so often – tariff hikes for unavailable power from the grid is the last thing the public wants to hear right now.   

Stage 6 until further notice is bull shed! We can’t operate a business or household like that, but not everyone can afford the significant capital expenditure of switching to renewables either. 

But Versofy’s unique selling point, is its ability to finance a solar solution so that you can afford it. This is how we radically lower the entry requirements. By financing ownership through a rent-to-own solar agreement or simply renting you a solar solution on a verbatim basis to lower the barrier to entry into the market even more.

Tackling the problem means; calculating the savings experienced over the course of your lifetime with solar versus what the interruptions plus rising grid prices without solar will cost you in the long run. Not counting the stress of a potential energy blackout – an issue certainly raised by the media as the concern grows. 

So, understanding how we plan to alleviate Eskom costs (and your general well-being) is the first step. Let’s take a closer look at how Versofy positively hopes to remedy the situation for you, through a switch to solar.

Cost Comparisons of Eskom vs Switching to Solar

Eskom’s average price increases stands at 15% per annum, while our rent-to-own and SaaS subscription payment increases are capped at 5%. Based on a typical 60 month Versofy rent-to-own contract period, this means that you’ll be paying an extra 50% in tariff differences alone, five years from now, if you choose not to switch to solar with Versofy. Without mentioning the continued loss of income and the lack of lifestyle you could currently be experiencing.    

Buying solar outright is an answer, but prices differ due to a number of variables:

  • Brand of Components
  • Size of System
  • Complexity of Installation

So each individual solar installation would need to be specifically designed and quoted on. Collectively climbing into hundreds of thousand rands and beyond when not partnering through our solar solutions that already guarantees to use only the best brands whilst we unlock significant savings for you.  

Switch to Solar and Pay it your Way

Rent-to-own solar, our standard subscriptions, provide green energy to accommodate any residential setup and to unlock significant savings:

  •  R3499pm (Versofy GROW) – 5kW Hybrid Inverter 
  •  R4799pm (Versofy CHARGE) – 8kW Hybrid Inverter
  •  R5699pm (Versofy PLUS) – 12kW Hybrid Inverter.

With the recently introduced Solar as a Service (SaaS) product, more customers can also make the initial switch to solar  by renting solar setups exclusively through Versofy as mentioned before:

  •  R1999pm (Versofy GROW) – 5kW Hybrid Inverter 
  •  R2999pm (Versofy CHARGE) – 8kW Hybrid Inverter 
  •  R3599pm (Versofy PLUS) – 12 kW Hybrid Inverter.

Unlock Significant Savings by Reducing Electrical Bills

Versofy only deals in hybrid solar systems, which means that power is smartly stored from both the current grid and from the sun itself in your solar batteries.

As the Sun’s energy is infinite, it will sufficiently keep your batteries charged and the grid will turn into your backup in cases of bad weather or an unlikely breakdown. Here, our inverters will only use the grid to top your batteries up and use the alternate source of power so minimally, that you will see a great drop in your monthly electricity bill from the moment you plug in with us.

But the best news here is that all surplus energy raised by your system can be fed back into the grid that supports the rest once your batteries are full. Qualifying you for *rebates in progress of development and going green to save on your carbon footprint. 

*Potential Future Rebate forms part of a Net Metering agreement being rolled out in the City of Cape Town, which if successful, will be expanded nationwide.


Benefit from an Increased Property Value when you Switch to Solar

If you are searching for ways to add future financial value to your residence, the addition of a residential solar energy system will make your property more lucrative to purchase, in the future, from a prospective buyer. How much, is hard to tell, definitively, but is ultimately linked to the size and quality of your setup for bespoke calculation. 

Meaning; the size of the solar inverter, capacity of the batteries and the amount of solar panels installed on your roof will all impact it. Small system sizes with low-quality components won’t lift the value, but with Versofy’s premium product offering, rent-to-own customers can be sure to see an increase. 

Note that this will not be possible with standard rent-only Solar as as a Service products and that rent-to-own solar customers should only install systems at a property where they see their own ownership lasting for at least the 60 months contract period required. Moving a solar setup to a new property is possible but will complicate the contractual agreement and is thus advised against.    

Versofy SOLAR – Financing Your Options    

To unlock significant savings is an advantageous byproduct when you switch to solar. This is because of the benefits to your lifestyle and for the needs of the household. Solidifying working hours, bath times and meal times again. 

It’s a detailed exercise with lots of components to be installed with care. This is why we urge you to only engage with qualified solar installers and consultants at the top of their game like us. Luckily you’re already in the right place.

Independence from Eskom is only a phone call or click away.

Join the energy revolution by switching to Versofy Solar today!

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