Solar Panels for the Home – Your Window to Alternative Energy

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Solar, Solar Panels

Perhaps the most identifiable feature of any solar installation, the proud presence of solar panels on a residential roof is the proverbial statement to the world – we have joined the green revolution. 

Solar panels for the home (or business) are absorbing the heat all over the digital highways in recent months. The world at large is hunting for renewable energy like never before. With war, gas prices, and fuel shortages – the general cost of living has reached a breaking point.  And indeed on local shores, the curious case of SA vs. Eskom has taken a dire turn in circumstances for the worst. With no visible end to the energy crisis in sight, the question has undeniably changed from “should you”, to “when will you choose to install a solar system?”. 

But fully accepted and expressed here in Mzansi and beyond, is the notion that every bit helps when residents feed back into the grid, alongside recent agreements with independent power producers (IPPs)  to generate additional megawatts for the struggling national grid.  Welcomed wholeheartedly, the installation of solar panels by our trusted installers is the first step in how we at Versofy tackle the problem, without the waiting period associated with macro-projects.

Running off into the streets to join the solar frenzy isn’t necessarily the best plan of action. As we have mentioned before, installing a solar system is a major undertaking that will require all the professional help you can call on. 

Providing Solar Panels that exceed the Industry Standards.

Remember, accompanied by a certificate of compliance, we only supply first-tier solar panels on your property’s roof, produced by ultra-esteemed manufacturers such as Canadian Solar and JA Solar. Here the highest quality and efficiencies are guaranteed under pristine working conditions that achieve the best possible output. Plus, we’ll manage the flow of power so that you simply don’t have to.  

What Are Solar Panels?

There have been significant advances in energy technology in recent times. From solar batteries to Sunsynk solar inverters, elevating up to solar panels themselves.  Essentially, a solar panel is an advanced assembly of photovoltaic cells mounted in a framework for generating energy. Solar panels use sunlight as a source of power to generate direct current (DC) electricity. Take a moment to read our previous article to determine which solar panels work best for your home.

How Do Solar Panels Connect?

We’re not going to teach you how to DIY wire solar panels to your home or business. That is a right to know by our trusted installers for everyone’s safety involved.

To outline solar panels and how they connect to the wider residential solar system, they are similar to batteries in that they have two terminals: positive and negative. In series, the connection is made by connecting the positive terminal of one panel to the negative terminal of another. Effectively, it daisy-chains a PV source circuit that eventually connects to your solar inverter and batteries. Actively converting the DC source energy into alternating current (AC) electricity! 

Solar Panel –  Ownership Tips

It’s important to dispel a common myth that might be on your mind. Solar panels work in cloudy conditions! However, they can be affected by as much as an 80% reduction in efficiency. Dusty or dirty panels can also affect production but only by about 20% or so. 

Both JA Solar and Canadian Solar panels for the home or business generally need to be cleaned a few times a year. This is mainly to remove any bird droppings, sand and dust that may have gathered on the panels over the preceding months. Rainfall can help in this regard, as panel cleaning is undertaken using water only – no soap or detergents are used to maintain residential panels.

Remember that the temperature of the sun plays no part in the production of your energy. It is only the exposure to sunlight that influences the generational capacity of your solar panels. So it is paramount to remember that Versofy will determine the ideal unobscured position and angle to maximise said exposure throughout all four seasons of the year. 

How much do Solar Panels Cost?

A single, high-performance solar panel from industry leaders such as Canadian Solar is likely to set you back roughly R3,000 per panel. However, in these uncertain times, the price of panels tends to fluctuate widely, in line with supply and demand and shipping costs.

As an affordable solar subscriptions provider focuses on providing South Africans with an all-in-one solar subscription that includes all the components you require to generate solar power. Our market differentiator lies in our commitment to offer both solar finance options that closely align with your current electricity bill, and also professional after-sales service throughout your lifetime customer journey with us.

In February 2021, we compiled a study of relative solar prices in South Africa. With various factors at play, the market prices have fluctuated since. However, it does outline the two main types of panels available in South Africa, Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline, and how each adapts to specific solar needs. 

Versofy – Celebrating Growth

Versofy is committed to helping you join the green revolution with an affordable way to relieve your dependence on Eskom and embrace alternative energy for current and future generations. 

Celebrating our 600th hybrid solar home during the last year and growing from a two to 20-person squad is a significant achievement for us, that we are deeply grateful for. It is testament to the demand and word-of-mouth we rely on to make this deeply-desired change for everyone. 

Visit our website to view and apply for an all-inclusive solar subscription today!



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