Backup Power Options – Generator, Inverter or Solar System?

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Solar, Battery, Inverter

We’re all in desperate need of reliable back-up power options of late. In this day and age, three sturdy power alternatives rule the roost to keep life moving when the blackouts come rolling; the generator, battery inverter, and solar systems.

With damaging fossil fuels that continue to harm our planet plus a load-shedding schedule that more than affects our livelihoods and households – waiting on the world to change is not an option that we can wait around much longer for.

This deep dive gives a fresh perspective on each solution. While each power source definitely provides an alternative energy solution – they do come with drawbacks that you need to be very aware of. Read further to explore which back-up power options work best to accommodate both your short, and long term energy supply requirements.

The Diesel Generator – Ol’ Faithful

We all know the drill. Power goes out, everyone looks each other in the eyes with a qualm of awkwardness, and suddenly – boom – the generator kicks in with an almighty rumble and a collective “Yahoo!”.

Generators come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and output ranges, running everything from residences to smaller companies, and even much larger enterprises such as hospitals and schools. They are offered at various price ranges, can generally be moved easily (pending size of course), and don’t come with expensive, upfront battery costs.

Generators can be easily installed by a wide range of service providers and enjoy the “go-to” solution status – until now.


Generator Drawbacks

It’s like owning a classic V8 bakkie – a great feeling until you see the fuel gauge drop fast in front of your eyes. Or seeing the big ball of black smoke following you in the rear-view mirror. 

The bullets that bite generator buyers are the ones that come after purchasing one – i.e. it’s spiralling running costs. Currently, diesel prices are through the roof and as we said, the load-shedding schedule is extensive. This all equates to a harrowing calculation of unforeseen costs. Both to you, and the environment.  

The fossil fuels involved, too, make for a much higher carbon footprint than nobody could be proud of. Yes, a generator is a fossil indeed, a fossil that roars with consumption (plus noise) and should really not be considered a first-base solution anymore. While it may kickstart your home – the long term costs of running a diesel generator outweigh its advantages against other energy back-up solutions.

Inverters – The New Kid on The Block of Backup Power Options

Inverters are hot buzzwords right now when deciding between the most efficient back-up power supply for your residence. Both solar and traditional inverters connect to backup batteries for use in times of outages. The major drawcard here is that some (if not most inverters) can provide hybrid functionality. Thus kickstarting your solar journey – meaning that solar panels can be installed and connected to your purchased hybrid inverter and batteries afterwards.

Although this is not ideal, nor do we suggest setting up this solar system all by yourself, it is definitely an option should someone wish to start really small and build out their renewable energy system from scratch. Batteries pose no harmful emissions and are thus much more environmentally friendly than the generators out there that guzzle diesel like free beer. 

Some batteries (if sourced correctly) offer extended warranties of up to 10 years and 10K cycles of use, whilst all batteries require little to no maintenance whatsoever.    


Inverter Drawbacks

Inverters themselves (behind the possibility to pose relative noise levels) – don’t provide any major drawbacks, aside from its hefty price tag when choosing a premium product. The batteries connected to this growing and exciting technology have an uncomfortable price, bearing the highest cost, by far when purchasing either an inverter or when installing a complete home solar system.

Solar System – The Renewable Alternative

This source of renewable energy needs no introduction. Always punted as our pride and joy at Versofy, a residential hybrid solar system is a powerful ally within the current power struggle.

Converting rays of the sun renewably into rays of joy – a solar system gathers what it needs from above to store energy for use at your home. It surely answers the question of ‘a generator, inverter or solar system?’ to us. Each and every time.

Solar System Drawbacks (Redrawn)

Solar systems have stigmas attached to them when compared to inverters and generators: 

  • Solar is overly expensive
  • Solar is unobtainable
  • Solar is reserved for the elite markets exclusively
  • Solar installations have long waiting times 
  • Solar systems are complicated

A solar system in South Africa is not just the jewel of back-up power options – it can be your primary, limitless source of energy, for generations to come. Gently cast aside your previous assertions when partnering with Versofy in joining the solar revolution. What sets Versofy apart from the competition is our ability to offer a competitive solar subscription pricing model that includes every part of your installation imaginable. Plus all the management, assistance and aftercare thereof. Connected to the cloud and all!

Versofy – The All-In-One Solar Solution

Yes, there is an ever-looming uncertainty that has gripped the nation, promoting the acquisition of back-up power options from a luxury into a necessity. The Versofy promise is committed to providing you with an action plan and affordable solar finance options that work. One of action and one of hope for a literally much brighter tomorrow evening. Breaking down the barriers to entry, through rent to own solar systems that closely align to your current consumption and monthly bills . 

Quite fair when considering that the Sun shines on us all. So why not the privilege of yielding its power when considering a generator, inverter or solar system? Remember, with an additional three SAAS rental plans now in the Versofy portfolio of agreements – disrupting stigmas around expensive solar systems is a normal day at the office for us.

You can get started with a 5kw solar for the home option for as little as R1999 per month (on a Solar as a Service rental agreement) from us. Or you can rent-to-own from just R3499. Should you require additional panels, hybrid inverter, and solar batteries capacity, we also offer our CHARGE and PLUS packages for larger residences and small businesses. 

Bank it on the sun that will never let you down by doing a quick check if you qualify today. Versofy has an all-inclusive solar system that hits home every time!    



No matter your electricity requirements. Switch and become a part of the renewable energy revolution. By switching to a suitable solar power system you help protect the environment and reduce your reliance on the South African electricity grid.


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