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Solar Installer Tips for Homeowners

Our top solar installer tips for South African homeowners that seek to serve properties and families, are the ones that are shared by the people that work with it every day.   Solar installation, particularly residential solar installation are newly established buzzwords that are piping hot right now in the middle…

Our top solar installer tips for South African homeowners that seek to serve properties and families, are the ones that are shared by the people that work with it every day.  

Solar installation, particularly residential solar installation are newly established buzzwords that are piping hot right now in the middle to upmarket streets of Everywhere. President Ramaphosa’s recent plan to unpack Eskom optimistically opens the gates to the renewable energy market like never before. This potentially follows the trend with Europe who, faced with Russian gas shortages are on a bull run for companies who install solar panels too, as published recently by energy observer, Exchange News. This article will help you understand how home solar system life hacks will optimize your output in ways that will reflect all aspects of life. It’s the lightbulb moment that guarantees music to your ears.

Our #1 Solar Installer Tips – Go Hybrid!

Versofy’s solar solutions go beyond the conventional grid-connected and off-grid system approaches that are generally offered in the local marketplace. Grid-connected solar systems connect directly into the national grid, ie are Eskom dependent, whereas off-grid solar systems use batteries to store power during periods of low demand. Both options offer both benefits and drawbacks. However, neither solar system offers the dynamic stabilization of energy supply whilst retaining it like a hybrid solar system does. 

Taking the best of both options, Versofy offers hybrid solar PV systems that connect solar panels, batteries, along with grid energy. In effect, we facilitate a hybrid solar solution smartly managed by a preferred Sunsynk solar inverter technology that pretty much defines the meanings of renewable and sustainable energy to us.  

Switching to a Solar subscription provider like Versofy ensures access to the the biggest names in the industry that are all driven by their unique technologies:

  • BSLBATT for our solar batteries – guaranteed for 10 years of reliable operation.
  • SunSynk as our preferred inverters – Read our in depth inverter review here
  • Trina Solar for our solar panels of choice. Trina has your back with a 25-year product and performance warranty.

Solar Tips that can put a spark back in your Wallet  

Versofy’s dedicated band of solar experts will always share the solar love with tips and tricks that are tried and tested, to bring all those bills down whilst maximising the use of your new solar system. The following tips, which we regularly incorporate through our Solar Energy Blog series, are not only reserved for existing solar users. 

Here are a number of energy saving tips that any household, pre and post-solar, can apply today.

  1. Remove incandescent light bulbs and electric heaters
  2. Convert your hot water systems to local electric boilers 
  3. Install LED light bulbs for lighting all-round, where possible
  4. Install sockets with on/off switches to remove devices from standby mode, when not in use
  5. Try to run high-consumption appliances during the day where lower tariffs apply
  6. Heat a sauna or swimming pool with solar power instead of your mains 
  7. Carefully utilise your geyser timer – geysers can make up 40 – 60 % of your monthly energy bill  

Solar Tips Homeowners Installations for Flow & Efficiency

In terms of maximising the benefits of a recent upgrade by companies who install solar panels, the following factors come into play to ensure that you optimise your solar.

  • Keep moving in comfort for less by connecting gates, garages and other access controls to your solar system 
  • In cases of bespoke properties built with solar in mind, the better the angle to the sun on the roof – the better the solar installation and energy generation.
  • Stay informed on-the-go by utilising cloud technology to monitor your solar usage in real-time with e-mobility. 
  • it all adds up, go make it a game to find the needy devices throughout the house

Deeds and Certificates

Remember that with Electrical Fencing and Gas Compliance, the correct regulations must be followed to avoid costly delays that might slow down your solar connections to those appliances and systems that use it. Legislation also applies to electrical certificates (COC) that must be issued, validated and advised to be kept up to date.

When you partner with Versofy for your solar installation, you have the peace of mind that expert solar installers, with the full qualifications and experience to handle the job, are deployed to your property. Rest assured, that one of the most important solar installer tips for homeowners is that a Certificate of Compliance will be issued upon completion of your solar installation. 


Verify with Versofy Today

Knowing your solar needs are crucial but also not something that should entangle you in red tape from Kilimanjaro to Katlehong. Our agents at Versofy serve you with a seamless onboarding-process that guides you through your needs and requirements. Once we have assessed your specific energy requirement, we offer tailored solar financing packages that will put a sunny smile on your face.

It starts with an application form and a qualifications check, and the rest – is history. That’s the solar journey in it for us with you. 

These aren’t solar installer tips for homeowners from around the water cooler but verified, best practices and feedback, which we continue to generate from our solar customers and installers. If you need to verify or cross-check solar tips for homeowners that you may have heard on the grapevine, you are always welcome to reach out and contact us for advice and reassurance.

Versofy is revolutionising rent to own solar systems availability and affordability in South Africa, backed by unrivaled support and maintenance. Start your own energy revolution today, by applying here.


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