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When switching your home’s energy supply source to a solar system, we all want the same thing;  the best solution at an even better price. Solar is a pricey game, which makes solar systems and solar panel efficiency a vital part of your decision process and subsequent investment. 

Just as you would with your architect when building your dream house from scratch, you are equally bound to be all up in your solar provider’s business to ensure your hard-earned money is invested wisely. Some just can’t help it. Suddenly they find themselves checking arrival times, the progress, the plugs, and peeping into every nook and cranny once the builders have left for the day. Every day! Why? Because home construction is a big deal – and so is getting started with solar.

At Versofy, we rise with the sun to serve you in the fastest, most affordable, and professional manner possible. No sparks or intermittent flashes of power – before or after the setup that usually takes place in about two weeks

Switching to, and enjoying the benefits of using solar energy starts with a smooth installation process in which we can help you further understand and explain all the inter-connecting factors of solar systems for home that work best for you: 

A Quick Glossary of Solar

  • Solar Panels
  • The Solar Conversion Process
  • The Weather, and How It Affects Generation
  • Solar Batteries
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Monitoring & Maintenance

Eliminating Human Error

Touching again on our earlier building analogy, potential damage to property always exists when someone starts raising a ladder or gets on your roof with a hammer. We’re only human and accidents happen. 

But this is where our Versofy contract comes into play to protect you from some of these potential outcomes when big installations take place. We will issue you with a Certificate of Compliance to guarantee peace of mind.

Monitoring is also a wonderful additional selling point of our solar offering. The Sunsynk Solar Inverters that we deploy, connect via WiFi and Cloud, which enables your system to be continuously updated, and your consumption behaviour to be monitored and optimised. Informing us (and you) where the action is required in real-time. Long after the solar installation phase is completed, and up until the very end of your rent-to-own solar systems contract with us.   

Aiming for Ultra-Efficiency in the Solar Panels and Inverters We Supply.

At Versofy, we stand behind Canadian Solar Panels and JA Solar for our solar panel installations as well as Sunsynk inverters as the proverbial catalytic converter of the solar solutions we provide. While vigorously investigating, comparing, and scrutinising expert ratings and customer reviews in our initial search for a trusted inverter partner – the Sunsynk solar inverter emerged as our hero, and horse to bet on, for your prolonged protection. 

Much like a PC – fine graphic cards and microchips mean cooling and fans to dissipate heat as well as making sure there is no debris causing issues. The same applies to Smart Solar Inverters. 

Solar Maintenance Checklist

  • Openings and vents must be cleaned regularly to avoid a build-up of dust.
  • Ensure there are no objects or materials blocking vents.
  • Batteries should be checked and wiped to ensure clean connections.
  • Monitor batteries to ensure that there is no drop in battery life or increases in recharge times.

But the solar room reverberates with an elephant in it. The question that we receive more than any other, and addressed in a recent article, all point to the same – “Why are costs so high for Solar?” 

Batteries and Silicone are explained as the main reasons for the price but the ultimate answer is reduced to one word only – quality. Quality to harness the power of the sun effectively and for a long time. Serious quality in Silicone for the panels for example is a must against the African sun. As well as conserving that raised energy in the form of sizeable and premium batteries when prolonged outages occur in both forms of weather and grid supply. 

These are just some of the pristine working conditions to achieve the highest possible output. But solar panels too, are not to be forgotten on the roof. They require TLC too.

Read about Versofy Prime here

Peak Solar Systems Performance

With the recent record temperatures baking large parts of mainland Europe, Fortune magazine shared the following insight into the surprisingly adverse effect of high temperatures on solar efficiency.

“Depending on where a solar panel is installed, high temperatures can reduce its electricity output efficiency by anywhere from 10% to 25%, according to CED Greentech, a leading solar panel equipment supplier in the U.S. “

This perfectly explains why Solar systems by the coast might perform slightly better than an equivalent system inland – because cooler sea breezes help keep panels cooler whilst absorbing the rays of sunshine. This act within itself relies on an ideal reflective position too that is not obstructed in any way.  Our teams will investigate and advise, to determine the perfect position in relation to your location. Shade, height, angle, etc.

Solar panels of quality are all tested for hail damage as well during the production process thereof – and by practically all legitimate manufacturers. It is reassuring to know that these precautionary steps have already been taken. Any freak storms that cause damage to your panels will be covered during the term of your Versofy solar contract. 

Versofy – Solar Panel Efficiency on All Spheres

Only in May 2022 was there a new world record set for solar panel efficiency. Read more from Science alert here.

The Top Gun in our energy battle is a battery life of between 5 to 15 years on average, enough solar panels that can comfortably last for at least 20 years, plus a rent-to-own or straight rental SAAS (solar as a service) agreement that sidesteps the massive initial investment blockade. 

Going with Versofy when switching to solar energy really is taking one of the best stands there is during this energy crisis. We can’t afford to play around. 

The future is unfortunately unpredictable, and with Eskom – unsustainable. We don’t quit. “Not today…” as Tom Cruise says. It’s time we think less. And do more.

Solar financing, offered by Versofy to qualifying households, is the perfect antidote to say goodbye to grid dependency and keep the lights on. 

Contact the Versofy team and Enquire for a Solar System now!  




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